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Shelly Ericson

Shelly Ericson

Can a small town girl from Boonland, Texas make it in the big city? That was the question paramount in Shelly Ericson's mind when she arrived in Major City. Freshly discharged from the Air Force, she was looking for some direction in her life. That direction would ultimately find her, but in a most unexpected way.

Shelly was a student at Major City University when she decided to attend a speaking engagement featuring Paul Mann. Also in attendance that day was an undercover agent of Third World looking to take advantage of what he perceived as a golden opportunity. The enemy operative fired his laser pistol as he announced his presence, narrowly missing Mann. Thinking quickly, Shelly cut the Third World agent off as he stormed the stage and disarmed him with her superior fighting technique.

After that incident, Paul Mann offered Shelly what seemed to be a too-good-to-be-true job. She was hired to be his “assistant” - in reality, his bodyguard. Along the way, she would give him pointers on developing skills to protect himself. So when Mann adopted the identity of Captain Satellite, there was no doubt that Shelly would be fighting right alongside him.

Shelly is brave, intelligent, and more than a little stubborn. Though their relationship was strictly business at first, feelings have developed between Captain Satellite and Shelly, and the two are now a romantic couple. Though they have very different personalities, no one questions their devotion to one another.

In her spare time, Shelly is a collector of both knives and Southwestern jewelry. She also has a keen interest in firearms, and will usually bring at least one into battle with her. Captain Satellite has repeatedly offered to create a powersuit for her as well, but she has declined every time. She prefers to handle situations in a more down-to-Earth fashion.

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Captain Satellite

Captain Satellite

Who is Captain Satellite? Captain Satellite is Paul Mann - everyone knows that. The real question is: Who is Paul Mann?

Paul Mann showed up in Major City a dozen years ago, and quickly took it by storm. His shy, mild-mannered demeanor did little to hide the brilliance which caught everyone off-guard. Before he'd hit his 21st birthday, Mann's company Mann Creations had made him a multi-billionaire.

Except who is Paul Mann? His background details are virtually impossible to verify. Investigative reporter Roxanne Prize, his one-time girlfriend, took it upon herself to discover who he really was. She failed, and the resultant rift finished their relationship.

There are other, more sinister forces that want to know what makes Paul Mann tick. The subversive group Third World is one, and they have decided that they must either have his knowledge or have him dead. This led to a botched assassination attempt that was only foiled by the quick action of Shelly Ericson. That particular incident would change Paul Mann's direction in a way even his enemies could not have anticipated.

Inspired by the comic books and vintage sci-fi movies that he treasures so much, Paul Mann channeled his super-scientific knowledge into the creation of the Captain Satellite suit. This lightweight powersuit, activated by a wristband dubbed the Digital Changer, allows Paul Mann to fly, serves as an exo-skeleton, and is equipped with an array of functions activated by the press of a button. With this fantastic powersuit, Paul Mann launched his career as Captain Satellite! There's only one catch - he's not very good at it.

Widely hailed as the "The World's Greatest Hero," Captain Satellite is more than a little uncomfortable with the label. He is acutely aware of his inadequacies in that role, from a lack of fighting ability to being something of a poor shot. Fortunately, he has the able assistance of Shelly Ericson (now his bodyguard/girlfriend) to take up his slack. Shelly has charged herself with tutoring her partner in the necessary combat skills for adventuring, and she has made progress - though Cap still has a long way to go.

To supplement his quest for justice, Captain Satellite has a number of special gadgets at his disposal. Chief among these is the versatile Multi-Gun, which he holds in reserve within the Digital Changer until a situation demands its use. Cap also has his Rocket Racecar, an amazing vehicle loaded with special features. The most notable of these features is flight, a capability used to good advantage by Shelly. Cap is not quite as skilled a pilot, but he's learning.

Paul Mann/Captain Satellite is based out of the fabled March Mansion, located at 114 Alan Parrish Road in suburban Major City. He chose March Mansion to be his home because the building was already installed with a number of secret passageways and hidden rooms, perfect for his needs. He has made numerous improvements and modifications since setting up shop there. The most noticeable of these is a sprawling computer system nicknamed "Sparky" that maintains the entire estate in pristine condition and monitors for any irregularities.

Paul Mann has made no secret of the fact that he is Captain Satellite. Pretty much every facet of his life practically screams it to anyone paying attention. But who is Paul Mann? That question...has yet to be answered.

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Anything filed in the "apocrypha" category is related to Captain Satellite in some form, but has been declared non-canonical for whatever reason. This will primarily consist of characters which have been either discarded or substantially reworked. There is a slight chance it might include story material which has been abandoned, but no promises there.

Any guest art depicting apocryphal Captain Satellite characters will not be tagged under the "apocrypha" label. It will instead carry a notation indicating which character is now considered non-canonical. This is to avoid confusion since guest art may depict both canonical and non-canonical characters side by side.

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Off Topic

Off Topic

Entries filed in the "off topic" category are not directly related to Captain Satellite and the Owariverse. This will include:
  • Art from Christopher Elam (dat's me!) not connected to Cap and company.
  • Guest art covering a wide range of subjects.
  • Whatever else doesn't fit under the other labels.

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Wandering Kotka

Wandering Kotka

AKA: WanderingKotka, wandering-kotka, kabukikatze, Kabuki Katze, dallyingcat, and probably others

I am grateful to all the guest artists whose talents you will see here. Their work on commissions and/or gift art brings these characters to life in a way my crude sketches never could. Many of them are friends as well. But there is one whose presence looms larger in the Owariverse than anyone else except yours truly. That artist is Wandering Kotka.

I met Kotka online in 2004, and we were collaborating just a few months later. She first drew one of my original Captain Satellite characters in 2005, but it was 2010 when her contributions grew to the point where they directly influenced the world I was creating. No one has drawn more Captain Satellite-related content than Kotka besides the present author, and she has even been called on to design a number of characters that otherwise existed only inside my head and in words I had written. I cannot imagine what this project would look like without Kotka's art and her tireless support of my flights of fancy.

Now that I've told you about Kotka the artist, let me tell you a little about Kotka the person. Her generosity, good humor, and general thoughtfulness never fail to bring a smile to my face. I'm very thankful I chose to get in touch with her when I did. Though we have only met in real life once to date, I consider her one of my best friends. And to think, we owe it all to Blue Öyster Cult. No, really!

Kotka's whereabouts can fluctuate depending on her mood, but you can always find her at http://wanderingkotka.com/.

Mascot image used with permission, © Wandering Kotka.

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