Wednesday, January 7, 2015


A lot can happen in a year. So just imagine how much can happen in six years. That's how long ago I started this particular blog. I had no clue at the time I was about to close the door on a couple of aspects of my life and open the door on a couple of others. Just luck of the draw, really.

I've spent the last few months trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this blog going forward. There was a strong sentiment to just close it down entirely in September. Views were down, and there was the growing realization that "blogging" has shifted to a degree from when I started. Plus, it was hard to ignore the fact that two friends of mine who coincidentally also started blogs in 2009 had abandoned posting on their blogs. The handwriting seemed to be on the wall.

But? In the intervening months, I've come to realize the possible usefulness of keeping this place open. It's not going to be the same as it was in, say, 2010-11 though. When you push the reset button, you can't just undo that decision. Plus, I simply don't have the same level of interest I had when this enterprise was at its peak.

I suppose in a real sense I fell victim to that very interest in building this blog. "OWARI" is not this blog, just as it wasn't the fanzine that carried the name off and on for ten years. OWARI is me. The blog is just a vehicle, and I think I lost sight of that along the way.

Anyway, the OWARI blog will stay open and I will keep posting here when the mood strikes. I would *like* make at least one post a month for consistency's sake, but I'm not even going to promise that. Similarly, I don't know what you'll be seeing here in the future. This is not me being coy, because I really just don't know. We're going to find out together. And if there's not much to say? There won't be much here.

I'd like to say how much I appreciate everyone who reads this blog, from the regulars I've inexplicably built up over the years to the one-offs who arrive via search engines. You've buoyed my spirits as I try to make some difficult transitions. Onward and upward with the arts!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ringing Out The Year With Gift Art!

raffle- velvet by kennasaur on DeviantArt

I recently was one of the winners of an art raffle by kennasaur. I asked her to draw Velvet Verity. I think we can all agree the results are smashing!

I was also the lucky recipient of some holiday art from Wandering Kotka. However, given that this art is most assuredly NSFW, you will have to view it on my Tumblr. Nuff said?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reaching The Finish Line

No no, not with this blog. As you can see, the blog is still kicking against all odds. In fact, I think I've finally decided what to do here. But that will be a topic for another day. Spoiler though - I'm not closing it permanently.

This post is here because I am celebrating. You see, in September, I decided to embark on the Captain Satellite Tumblr Project. I wanted to create a place for the Owariverse, and I wanted to use it to make a fresh start. The evolution of my fictional world has been filled with starts and stops, and as a result, there were plenty of things about it that I found wanting. It has long been my desire to try to set things up in a way I found artistically satisfying.

The problem was that making such fixes as you go is terribly awkward. Please see the fact that I have established things on this blog that blatantly contradict the book I published of those characters in 2011. So I've been putting a lot of bandages on a continuity I was making up as I went. And to be honest, much of what had been written was pretty sparse in the detail department.

The Tumblr account was exactly the remedy for what ailed the Owariverse. Taking this new start as an opportunity, I declared that I was blowing up everything and putting the pieces back together again. Of course, to do that, I had re-examine every single profile for my world. And that was, uh, a lot. Seventy-eight (78), to be precise.

The first order of business was sitting down and examining what I had and consider how I wanted to go forward with each character. Because, in truth, I had fallen victim to the idea of throwing together profiles for any supporting character who popped into my head semi-formed. A lot of them only merited two or three sentences. If I wanted readers to care about these people, I needed to care enough about them to tell their story in a little more depth.

If you mosey over to the new Profile Page, you will see 60 entries there (though most are not actually live). Six of those do not exist in the Owariverse Encyclopedia I compiled here. Another merges what had been two separate entries. So yeah, I scrapped over 20 profiles in this new revamp. Most of those characters still exist in some form or another, but I decided I didn't have enough to say about them to warrant an individual entry. I can't say this is the way it should have always been, because it's taken me years of trial and error to get my material and my ability to the point I am today.

ANYWAY, I decided prior to launch I needed to work out all the individual profiles for these characters. I needed a clear idea of how they related to one another and the bigger universe they inhabit. But...60 profiles? Some could be rewritten, but in other cases, I was almost starting over. A few times, I was building a character from the ground up. It seemed daunting. And I'll be honest, my track record in recent times hasn't been great. Two abandoned short stories, a shelved novella, a blog fallen on hard times -- it even took three additional years after wrapping Return of Jetman to stagger to the conclusion by completing the notes.

Today, I did it. Sixty profiles are in the can and ready to go. Nine have already been posted. The remaining fifty-one await their accompanying art. That part will happen at its own pace. But in approximately three months time, I managed to achieve a personal creative goal I had set for myself. The results are some of the most satisfying works I have ever created. I am pleased.

Allow me a moment to take a victory lap for finding success amidst much failure this year. Meanwhile, Captain Satellite boosters are advised to bookmark and/or follow the Captain Satellite Tumblr. If you don't, you are missing out on such stuff as Muttnik the Satellite Dog. And that would be a pity.

Monday, December 15, 2014

"Not sold in NYC"

I scanned this for Kirk Demarais on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed like the sort of thing that needed to go here, too. It's an ad from the June 1974 issue of the men's magazine BACHELOR that demonstrates that Honor House Products also sold guns through the mail. Pellet guns maybe, but still, yeah. And do note the disclaimer that gives this entry its title.

For the record, I was reading this magazine for the, uh, articles.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Story of Comics

Hello again!

Still not sure what the long-term plan for this blog is going to be, but I've been keeping myself occupied with social media and Captain Satellite stuff since things geared down here in September. I am really enjoying getting back in touch with my own work, and I still have outlets for my random observations, too. So I don't expect the current state of affairs for "OWARI" to change anytime soon.

I'm here tonight for a couple of reasons:

1) I finally completed the task of reviewing all of the blog's tags. I honestly can't even remember when I started this, but it's done. Well, as done as it's going to be. I was strongly considering abandoning it altogether, but made a surge and finished. I will not be doing THAT again, so make the best of the tags as they currently exist!

2) I was talking to my friend Thom not very long ago, and the subject of "My Story of Comics" came up. This was a series I wrote on my LiveJournal, and it may be the most memorable non-personal sequence I ever did on Ye Olde LJ. I was forever thinking about re-doing it and posting it here, but it seemed so very "of its moment" that I couldn't find a way.

That moment was almost exactly ten years ago (!!!!!) now. Here then is a handy index of of those posts - "My Story of Comics"

A few things occurred to me in re-reading this today. One, I was really angry about this at the time. I suspect writing that was my way of letting go of that anger - though it took awhile. Two, I'm not sure if superhero fans didn't save the comic book industry. I look at the way magazines are dying off and wonder if comic books would have survived without a fandom. I mean, we live in a world where U.S. News & World Report is no longer a print publication, but there are several Avengers titles. Three, did manga's popularity cool off or is it just me? It's still viable, but not on the level it was then. And four, I didn't see digital comics coming at all. That's probably the wave of the future.

That's all for tonight. Back one of these days, when we least expect it.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Captain Satellite Flies Again!

You might want to click to make this bigger. Seriously, it's huge.

Just to prove this blog isn't quite dead, here's an announcement I've already made elsewhere. I've launched a Tumblr account specifically devoted to Captain Satellite and the Owariverse! You will see plenty of my flights of imagination and kooky art there! Plus, guest art from a wide array of talented people!

If this interests you, please follow, like, reblog, share, promote, etc. Thank you!

The link: --> Captain Satellite Tumblr