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King Kong vs. Frankenstein (Xenorama Cover)

“King Kong vs. Frankenstein (Xenorama Cover)” by Wandering Kotka. June 2011.

Featuring a faux cover for the fanzine Xenorama. Text by Christopher Elam & Wandering Kotka.

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King Kong vs. Frankenstein (Movie Poster)

“King Kong vs. Frankenstein (Movie Poster)” by Wandering Kotka. June 2011.

Featuring a film which actually exists in the Owariverse. Text by Christopher Elam.

Xenorama Pictures presents: “King Kong vs. Frankenstein”.
Starring: Rod Aarons, Joanna DeFranco, Alex Nix, Lee Nakahana.
Producer: D.E. McRobie.
Concept & Special Effects: Willis O’Brien.
Director: Paul Ledet.
Year of Release: 1962.

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Rocket Racecar

“Rocket Racecar” by Wandering Kotka. May 2011.

Featuring the Rocket Racecar. Vehicle design by Wandering Kotka.

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Whitney DeKalb (Portrait)

"Whitney DeKalb (Portrait)" by Wandering Kotka. March-April 2011.

Featuring Whitney DeKalb. Character design by Wandering Kotka.

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Captain Satellite Number Zero (Back Cover)

"Captain Satellite Number Zero (Back Cover)" by Wandering Kotka. February-March 2011.

Featuring Captain Satellite, Shelly Ericson, and Hugo Beaumont.

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Welcome to Major City!

"Welcome to Major City!" by Wandering Kotka. February 2011.

Detail of "Captain Satellite Number Zero (Front Cover)".

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Captain Satellite: Number Zero (Front Cover)

"Captain Satellite Number Zero (Front Cover)" by Wandering Kotka. February 2011.

Featuring Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson.

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Off Topic: The Penguin

The Canadian superhero called...The Penguin! Not to be confused with any other character with a similar name...

Art by SeanRM. July 2014.

Character © Bell Features or its successor in interest.

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2016: Apocrypha

(The following character was at one time considered part of the Owariverse, but has since been removed and is now considered non-canonical. Their inclusion here is strictly for historical purposes. This is part of the series covering the apocrypha of the Owariverse.

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2019: Boris Petrenko

Boris Petrenko - Originally posted January 22, 2019

And here is the Boris Petrenko solo picture.

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2014: Muttnik the Satellite Dog

Muttnik the Satellite Dog - Originally posted December 8, 2014

Muttnik's profile originally highlighted only the Satellite Dog himself. Here is the solo Muttnik profile picture.

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Story Chronology

Story Chronology

The following list records the original posting dates on DeviantArt (or elsewhere) for all current stories and related images. These dates are for the ORIGINAL version. Most have been modified since their original posting.

"The City of Clocks" - August 9, 2015

"Ninja Chief" - July 27, 2015

"Shelly's Story"
Part 1 - April 12, 2010
Part 2 - April 12, 2010
Part 3 - April 12, 2010
Part 4 - April 13, 2010
Part 5 - April 13, 2010

"The Stone Gods" - August 6, 2015

Part 1 - July 20, 2015
Part 2 - July 21, 2015
Part 3 - July 22, 2015

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Profile Picture Chronology

Profile Picture Chronology

The following list records the original posting dates on DeviantArt for all current profile pictures. These dates are for the ORIGINAL version of each picture. Several pictures have been slightly modified since their original posting.


  • Captain Satellite - October 20, 2014
  • Shelly Ericson - October 22, 2014


  • The Albino Ant - May 13, 2015
  • Amazing Girl - July 13, 2015
  • The Astro-Giants - April 29, 2015
  • Pat August - December 29, 2014
  • Karma Bando - June 14, 2015
  • "Handsome" Jack Barker - January 22, 2019
  • Hugo Beaumont - November 24, 2014
  • Black Widow - September 21, 2015
  • Blue Behemoth - January 23, 2015
  • The Burger-Meister - August 2, 2015

  • Cat-Man & Kitten - June 6, 2015
  • Kenta Chiba - January 22, 2019
  • C.H.I.E.F. & Rex Coronado - January 18, 2015
  • Clankotron - June 19, 2015
  • The Deacon & Mickey Matthews - June 11, 2015
  • Whitney DeKalb - June 16, 2015
  • Devil Dynamite - December 22, 2014
  • Disco Ball - June 21, 2015
  • Dr. Macabre - July 19, 2015
  • Doppelgirl - July 2, 2015
  • Drone Man - January 28, 2015

  • Elektroid - February 10, 2015
  • Enemy Alien - March 26, 2015
  • General Lee R. Falgout - January 21, 2019
  • Albert Fannick - February 12, 2015
  • Howard Fein - February 23, 2015
  • Firegirl - January 30, 2015
  • Gabrielle Fitzgerald - June 4, 2015

  • Gargantua Maximus - April 19, 2015
  • Girago - February 24, 2015
  • Hellbat - August 15, 2015
  • The Human Owl - January 22, 2019
  • Invincible Alliance - February 16, 2015
  • Junior Satellite Patrol (Ray Wood & Dara Green) - August 4, 2015
  • Killer Invisible - October 12, 2015 (as "Killer Volt")
  • Lord Zaur - May 18, 2015

  • Macro Warriors - March 16, 2015
  • Dick Major - July 8, 2015
  • The Masked Menace - June 30, 2015
  • Mr. Metal - June 23, 2015
  • Muscle Woman - July 14, 2015
  • Muttnik the Satellite Dog & Boris Petrenko - December 8, 2014 (solo Muttnik)/January 22, 2019 (Muttnik with Boris)
  • The Mystery Spaceman - June 28, 2015

  • The Neptoids - March 18, 2015
  • The Phantom Rogue - November 26, 2014
  • Princess Nikatonia - July 17, 2015
  • Professor Craneo - March 7, 2016
  • The Psychedelic Man - November 27, 2014
  • Kimber Rachelle - April 7, 2015
  • Red Taiyo - June 8, 2015
  • The Scarys - January 21, 2019
  • The Science Brigade (aka Kagaku Ryodan) - September 6, 2015
  • Sultura - June 25, 2015
  • The Sun Men - July 6, 2015

  • Nicola Tanihara - May 24, 2015
  • Third World - November 5, 2014
  • Third World Boys Auxiliary - October 6, 2015
  • Third World Japan Branch (aka Dai San Sekai) - August 28, 2015
  • Third World Leader - November 18, 2014
  • Thunder Man - March 22, 2015
  • Titan Khan - May 28, 2015
  • Tregaa the Tree Thing - May 5, 2015
  • Debbie Truman - January 22, 2019
  • Joe Truman - July 4, 2015
  • Tex Truman - June 2, 2015

  • Ultimate American - February 6, 2015
  • Urban Nightmare - January 20, 2015
  • Dr. Sandor Varkoff - April 13, 2015
  • Velvet Verity - May 16, 2015
  • Viking Star - July 23, 2015
  • The Volcano Monsters - July 10, 2015
  • Ivan Walters - January 21, 2019
  • Basil Whittaker - December 1, 2014
  • Zoragaza the Mystic - June 29, 2015

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Phase One, Complete

Just a quick heads-up to let everyone know that "Phase One" of the Owariverse Revamp rollout was completed on June 14. All current profiles (76!) have been posted, and all current stories are online, too. I'm hoping to have the index pages for those features updated by the end of the week.

This is by no means the end of regular posting. I still have a lot of personal art that needs to be added. There's even more guest art still in the queue. You can rest assured that Christopher Elam's OWARI will maintain a steady schedule through at least the end of the year, and probably beyond.

Thank you for following us this far on the odyssey of bringing the Owariverse back to life!

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The Astro-Giants

The Astro-Giants

From the far reaches of outer space, they come to planet Earth. They are...THE ASTRO-GIANTS!

The Astro-Giants are a race of phenomenally powerful cosmic beings who have taken an interest in our world. They have never acted in a way that indicates a reason for their presence during their infrequent visits. They have quite forcefully repelled interlopers who approached them, but have also prevented natural disasters such as a massive tidal wave that threatened El Oceano. Mostly though, the Astro-Giants have merely observed human activity and then departed. It is entirely possible their intentions are completely alien to our understanding.

There is some connection between the Astro-Giants and the Mystery Spaceman, but the precise nature of their link is still unknown. The Mystery Spaceman's appearance on Earth heralded the advent of the Astro-Giants, and it was in fact the stellar-faced humanoid who gave a name to the intergalactic colossi. However, whether the Mystery Spaceman is a living being that serves the Astro-Giants or a simulacrum they use to interact with "lower" lifeforms is an open question.

An unusual footnote with regard to the Astro-Giants is that, apparently, their arrival was foretold in an old pulp magazine. The April 1950 issue of Stunning Stories included a short story by Hiram Donnelly entitled "The Voice from the Stars" which uncannily predicted the coming of aliens very much like the Astro-Giants. Donnelly offered no insight into the inspiration for the tale to his editor, and was found dead of an apparent heart attack at his typewriter several months later. There are those who wonder if Hiram Donnelly knew too much and was "dispatched" by outside forces.

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Muttnik the Satellite Dog & Boris Petrenko

Muttnik the Satellite Dog & Boris Petrenko

Boris Petrenko (Борис Петренко) is a Russian inventor and semi-retired aeronautics engineer currently living in Pongo, Virginia. At one time, he was heavily involved in the space program and maintained an office in Federalton. Today, he is content to tend to his garden and work on occasional special projects for C.H.I.E.F. as a paid consultant.

One particular project that captured Boris' imagination was C.H.I.E.F.'s effort to duplicate Captain Satellite's powersuit in their own laboratories. After devoting himself to the task, he felt he had developed a reasonable facsimile of the technology. The trouble was, how to test it? The project was classified, and finding a subject to wear the unproven suit would involve bringing someone else in on a "need-to-know" basis. Petrenko himself was out of the question due to his advanced age and chronic poor health.

The solution came in the form of Muttnik (Муттник), Petrenko's beloved pet. Muttnik is an East-European Shepherd Boris acquired as a puppy on a recent journey to Russia. He had named the dog "Muttnik" in a fit of whimsy, but the more he considered it, the more the idea of making the moniker a self-fulfilling prophecy intrigued him. After all, Muttnik could be trusted above and beyond any human.

Thus was born the legend of Muttnik the Satellite Dog! Boris tailored the prototype powersuit to doggy dimensions (it will stretch as Muttnik grows) and programmed it into a special Digital Collar. Muttnik, an exceptionally intelligent dog, can activate the suit by pressing a button on the collar with his paw. The suit not only mimics the design of Captain Satellite's, but duplicates its basic functions as an exo-skeleton capable of flight.

Muttnik earned his stripes as the Satellite Dog when he apprehended a cadre of Third World agents who were assaulting Petrenko. Captain Satellite has even endorsed his canine counterpart, going so far as gifting the heroic hound with a tag identical to his belt symbol. For his part, Muttnik is ready to answer any call to action, but is perfectly happy playing fetch with his master on lazy afternoons, too.

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Third World Boys Auxiliary

Third World Boys Auxiliary

It would be a mistake to characterize Trey Dreier as a typical Third World agent. No, unlike the average Third World grunt, "Trey Dreier" (an assumed name) had a vision. His idea was to bring juvenile delinquents and other street kids under the influence of his subversive organization and get them started early in fighting for the cause. With the approval of his superiors, Dreier's Third World Boys Auxiliary did exactly that.

The Third World Boys Auxiliary maintained its recruiting office in the Minors under the auspices of a youth shelter called Third Chance. Though many members of the community had their doubts about Dreier and Third Chance, no one could prove anything shady was going on there. That all changed when runaway Dara Green found herself tangled up in Dreier's web of unsavory activity. Desperate to escape, Dara had called the Junior Satellite Patrol collect on a payphone and explained her plight to Patrol president Ray Wood before getting caught by the manipulator Dreier.

Acting on Ray's tip, Captain Satellite (without Shelly Ericson due to a quarrel between them) and Urban Nightmare sought out "Handsome" Jack Barker for information on the Third World Boys Auxiliary Dara had mentioned. Since Handsome Jack knew everyone and everything in the Minors, he realized instantly it had to be Third Chance, and Cap insisted on venturing there alone. This almost cost him his life, as Dreier and his charges had booby-trapped the place before clearing out. Only the timely arrival of Shelly in the Rocket Racecar (with Ray Wood along for the ride) saved Cap from a massive explosion.

Captain Satellite had learned through mysterious means that the Boys Auxiliary had relocated to their secret base on Armory Island off the coast. The trio flew into Armory Island to take on Dreier and his disciples, and gained another ally when Dara escaped captivity without even being rescued. When the smoke cleared, Cap, Shelly, Ray, and Dara had triumphed over the combined might of Trey Dreier and the Third World Boys Auxiliary.

Trey Dreier is currently incarcerated in Phipps Prison. His Boys Auxiliary has been broken up, and its members scattered throughout various jurisdictions. However, should Dreier ever get out of jail, it seems inevitable he will try to rebuild. The question is, will Third World let him?

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Junior Satellite Patrol

Junior Satellite Patrol

The Junior Satellite Patrol is a youth organization dedicated to promoting and upholding the ideals of Captain Satellite. The brainchild of Paul Mann, Shelly Ericson, and Pat August, the Junior Satellite Patrol has chapters all over the United States and Canada, and is on the verge of expanding globally. Independent from Mann's business interests, the Patrol is funded primarily by private donations and corporate sponsorships. All individuals under the age of 21 are eligible to join the Junior Satellite Patrol, and members are issued both a Patrol jacket and special ID card when they pay their initial dues.

Ray Wood is the current president of the Greater Major City Chapter of the Junior Satellite Patrol. Ray is a hardworking and dedicated young man who takes his role as a leader seriously. His biggest disadvantage right now is inexperience, but he is learning more and more every day. To be quite honest, he might already be more capable than Captain Satellite as far as the hero bit goes.

Dara Green was a teenage runaway from the Midwest who had fled her widowed father after he'd beaten her up one too many times. She had wound up on the streets of Major City and gotten mixed up with Trey Dreier and his Third World Boys Auxiliary. Aghast over her situation, she happened upon a Junior Satellite Patrol flier on a streetlight pole and called them collect on a payphone. Ray was manning the phones at the time, and he not only accepted her call but did his best to convince Dara there was a way out. Unfortunately, he couldn't get help to her in time before Dreier discovered her attempt to escape his influence.

Ray Wood insisted on accompanying Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson to Armory Island, the site of the Third World Boys Auxiliary's secret base. Dara managed to free herself through her own ingenuity, and she assisted Cap, Shelly, and Ray in capturing Trey Dreier and dismantling the Boys Auxiliary. In the months that followed, after Dara was cleared of all outstanding charges in juvenile court and had won emancipation from her father, she joined the Junior Satellite Patrol herself - sponsored by none other than Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ray Wood and Dara Green have fallen head over heels for one another. Their budding romance makes both of them very relieved Dara found guardians other than Ray's parents. Whether this is just puppy love or the beginning of something deeper remains to be seen. However, Ray and Dara have already forged a bond that can never be broken.

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The Burger-Meister

The Burger-Meister

The villainous creature known as the Burger-Meister is a product of Dai San Sekai, Third World's Japan branch. After glimpsing monster-busting hero Red Taiyo in action, the Burger-Meister exercised the better part of valor and fled for less hazardous conditions. He made his way to a freighter bound for the United States and hid amidst a cargo of language books, vinyl monster toys, and life-size love pillows. When his slow boat to America arrived in port in El Oceano, the Burger-Meister hopped off to embark on a solo career of evil.

Contrary to appearances, the Burger-Meister's head is not really a giant cheeseburger. It is composed of the same artificial material as the rest of his body, only specially-developed for visual effect. The Burger-Meister has no super powers other than his ability to disguise himself as a normal human. Instead, he is armed with the Ketchup Burp Gun (automatic weapon), the Mustard Gas Gun (actually knockout gas), the Salt Shaker (vibratory lock pick), and the Pepper Sprayer (inflammatory agent).

The Burger-Meister's biggest splash came when he blended into a lineup of mascots at El Oceano's traditional New Year's Day Prune Picker Parade and commandeered one of the floats. He pushed aside the Grand Marshal, Cat-Man star Bruce Chase, and crowned himself King of the Parade. Unfortunately for the Burger-Meister, the crowd included Beth Gordon and Kendal Rose, both of whom could do something about his rampage. This led to the first-ever team-up of Muscle Woman and Amazing Girl to smash the Burger-Meister's ambitions. The two heroines then attended that celebrated college football game the Prune Bowl together (the whole reason Kendal was in town in the first place) and cheered on their respective schools as the El Oceano State University Toros took on the Eastern Midwest University Condors in the annual pigskin classic.

As for the Burger-Meister, setbacks like getting smacked around won't stop him. When he's not out creating criminal mischief, he works at menial jobs that don't do very thorough background checks. His alias of choice is the ever-so-clever "Paddy Berger."

Friday, June 7, 2019

Dick Major

Dick Major

In the 17th century, Increase Major established the settlement which would one day grow into the modern day Major City. The Major family became a fixture in the city named for them, and their power, wealth, and influence has spanned multiple generations. Historically, they have been among the most prominent citizens in not just Major City, but the entire world.

Dick Major is not exactly the highlight of the Major family tree. Playboy, dilettante, spoiled brat - really, take your pick of the way you'd like to describe him. Unlike his uncle, the late Miles Major (widely-regarded as a generous and beloved figure), Dick has not earned a lot of friends or even respect over the years. He's the sort of person who thinks his money and standing entitle him to whatever he wants. You can imagine what that's done for his popularity.

Dick Major somehow convinced a woman to marry him in spite of his sparkling personality. Fanny Major is a gorgeous model who has become a regular on all the "World's Most Beautiful Women" lists. She is also an admitted trophy wife with no genuine affection for her husband. Fanny's in it for the riches and prestige, and Dick knows that. He figures it's worth it.

Though the rest of his clan has either embraced or at least accepted Paul (Captain Satellite) Mann, Dick resents what he feels is the diminishing of his family's legacy due to Mann's rise in stature in Major City. He refuses to accept what he sees as the devaluing of the venerable Major name, never considering his being an arrogant layabout does far more harm to it than Paul Mann ever could. He has toyed with the idea of using unethical or even illegal means to drag Mann down. The only catch is his all-consuming fear of being caught.

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"Handsome" Jack Barker

"Handsome" Jack Barker

"Handsome" Jack Barker is a flamboyant hustler who is a fixture in the expansive Major City neighborhood known as the Minors. Despite having no visible means of support (i.e., no real job), he gets along just fine. It's assumed he makes a living at the billiards tables and by playing card games like poker, blackjack, and most especially Bourré. It certainly isn't through shadier means, because that would go against Handsome Jack's character.

You see, though some might consider him an unsavory sort, Handsome Jack is actually a decent guy. He even eschews running obvious cons and makes his bones through his own skill and shrewdness. He is well-liked and well-respected throughout the Minors for his honesty and fearless good humor, and he seems to know everyone and everything in that part of town. It is said if you want to know something about the Minors, talk to "Handsome" Jack Barker.

So that's exactly what Urban Nightmare did. Handsome Jack has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy informant for the crimefighter since he began his crusade to protect the citizens of the Minors. Though he fully supports Urban Nightmare in his efforts to clean up the area, Handsome Jack keeps that fact low-key for his own good. He does have a reputation to protect on both sides of the battle, and it's in his best interest to give the appearance of being a disinterested observer.

Oh, the nickname? Handsome Jack gave it to himself. After all, he is extremely handsome. Just ask him.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

General Lee R. Falgout

General Lee R. Falgout

General Lee R. Falgout is a four-star general in the United States Army and a member of the top secret Monarch-12 committee which oversees C.H.I.E.F.'s operations. In the latter capacity, he has access to information on unusual events which he has been known to pass on to Captain Satellite as Cap's contact in the military. Should General Falgout really be doing that? Well, who's going to tell him to stop?

It must be noted that General Falgout acting as a source for Captain Satellite is not simply a case of the officer playing by his own rules. A couple of years ago, the general was visiting American troops in the desert nation of Bakhtar when they were ambushed by the forces of Third World. Only the timely intervention of Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson flying into the fray in the Rocket Racecar prevented a disaster. General Falgout got to see Cap and Shelly in action firsthand, and he was duly impressed. He made a vow that day to help them in any way he could in the future out of gratitude and respect.

Though he is currently involved primarily in administrative duties, General Falgout is a combat veteran who has served with valor. Advancing age has done nothing to slow down the general - he is just as high energy as ever. He feels no need to be boastful about it, but anyone paying attention can tell that General Lee R. Falgout is still more than capable of kicking butt if a situation requires him to deliver a butt-kicking.

*EDITOR'S NOTE: This picture utilizes patterns from Free Camouflage Patterns for Illustrator & Photoshop by Spoon Graphics. The following public domain images at Wikimedia Commons were used in the creation of this picture: File:Flag of the United States.svg and File:US-O10 insignia.svg.

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HCAD: Doppelgirl

"HCAD: Doppelgirl" by Wandering Kotka. January 2011.

Featuring Doppelgirl.

*EDITOR'S NOTE: HCAD = "Holiday Charity Art Drive." I think. It's been a long time.

Monday, June 3, 2019

HCAD: Major City Mini-Heroes

"HCAD: Major City Mini-Heroes" by Wandering Kotka. January 2011.

Featuring Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson.

*EDITOR'S NOTE: HCAD = "Holiday Charity Art Drive." I think. It's been a long time.

Friday, May 31, 2019

The City of Clocks

The City of Clocks

It all began one sweltering summer afternoon in Major City. Paul Mann and Shelly Ericson were enjoying a relaxing day off downtown, taking in the sights and sounds of that historic district. They came across an unfamiliar antique shop, which was puzzling since they had passed the address countless times and never noticed it. What was even stranger, the shop itself looked positively ancient.

Paul and Shelly entered the store to investigate and were greeted by an odd grandfatherly type intent on fussing over their every move. Evidently the owner, he was relentless in pushing a certain vintage clock on his customers. Though Shelly had no interest whatsoever in such a thing, she inspected the relic to humor the old man. Suddenly, a beam shot out of the timepiece's face and Shelly disappeared in a puff of smoke!

Paul Mann activated his Digital Changer just in time for Captain Satellite to be caught in the clock's beam, too. As Cap also winked away, the wizened shopkeeper cackled fiendishly. Light shifted around him and he stood revealed as none other than Hugo Beaumont!

Hugo's plan was insidiously clever. He had exiled both of his foes into that weird limbo known only as the Unknown Zone. Even worse, they had been dropped into the portion of the Zone called the City of Clocks. The City of Clocks was a region governed by innumerable floating clocks, but none of them were in sync. The time shift which occurred there as a result meant two people could be right by one another and yet forever separated by the passage of just a few minutes.

This was the dilemma of Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson. Even though they were at times only inches apart, each was trapped in a different moment away from the other. If they couldn't work together, there was no hope for escape.

Finally, after conferring with Shelly via notes left in one time period to be discovered in another, Cap adjusted the frequency of his digital powersuit. He "phased" out of his own plane and kept turning the dial until he could find the one where Shelly was trapped. Their reunion was joyful, but there was still the small problem of being stuck in the City of Clocks and the Unknown Zone.

Hugo Beaumont had seen enough on his Trans-Dimensional Tube Set. He had not schemed so carefully to be denied by technological trickery! He arrived in the City of Clocks, Bombastic Blunderbuss in hand. Alas, his indiscriminate shooting proved to be his final undoing. He accidentally destroyed the only clock still controlling Cap and Shelly's movements, and by default, sent them tumbling back home. Hugo could easily free himself from the Unknown Zone with his Chronal Belt, but that was beside the point. He'd been outwitted again!

Back on Earth, Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson stood in front of the spot where the antique shop had been. It was now just an abandoned building, with no evidence of Hugo Beaumont's meddling. They had only been gone a matter of hours, but it felt more like weeks after all the warping of time they had endured. They headed back to March Mansion, eager for an evening where they didn't have to worry what time it might be.


*EDITOR'S NOTE: Based on a title by Wandering Kotka. This picture uses this free antique clock clip art from Vintage Printables and the following free clip art from The Graphics Fairy: Antique Clock Image, Vintage Clip Art – Fancy Alarm Clock – Steampunk, Vintage Clip Art – Cute Small Alarm Clock, Vintage Clip Art – Classic Alarm Clock – Steampunk, and Antique Image – Fancy Old Clock.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Stone Gods

The Stone Gods

Wester Island (named for Horatio Wester, the English buccaneer who "discovered" it) is a small volcanic island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Much like its more famous neighbor Easter Island, Wester Island is the home to large monumental statues called moai. Though the origins of the Easter Island moai are understood by scholars today, those on the long-uninhabited Wester Island were unexplained until recently.

Due to its remoteness, Wester Island seemed like an ideal spot for some much-needed R&R to the Invincible Alliance. After securing the proper authorizations for their getaway, the quirky quintet piled into one of their Zip Jets and made the trek to what they hoped would be a quiet vacation. Fate, however, had other plans for our intrepid heroes.

The IA had scarcely settled in on the beach for what was intended as a week of tranquility when the tremors began. Suddenly, there was a roar from a nearby volcano! By sheer chance, or just dumb luck (?), the Invincible Alliance happened to be on the very isle where a Volcano Monster was emerging from the earth. They collectively groaned, though all of them prepared to do their duty and stop any rampages.

This particular Volcano Monster was a shaman who produced a sacred torch Blue Behemoth derisively dubbed "his lava lamp." There were no jokes when the witch doctor shook the torch and eerie vibrations emanated from the flames. To the disbelieving eyes of the Invincible Alliance, the giant stone heads of Wester Island came to life and pulled themselves from the ground, revealing powerful bodies beneath them. These moai were the ancient Stone Gods of the Volcano Monsters, and they had just been awakened from their deep slumber!

The Invincible Alliance sprang into action. Blue Behemoth and Firegirl tackled what seemed to be the biggest of all the monoliths and held it at bay as best they could. Drone Man and Ultimate American chose another, though Ulti having DM drop him onto their opponent's head did nothing when the goliath shrugged him off like he was an insect. Only Elektroid held back. There were too many other Stone Gods to fight, and the odds of his team beating back all of them seemed slim. They needed to address this problem at its source.

As stealthily as a robot can manage, Elektroid navigated a mine field of rock giants to get closer and closer to his target - the Volcano Monster shaman. When he was finally as near as he dared, he unleashed one of the devastating electrical bolts from his artificial brain. The sacred torch was shattered! With the last residual magic left in the air, the Stone Gods clambered to their original resting places and were restored as mere inert idols. The Volcano Monster retreated into the depths of liquid magma that was the home of his race. The world (and the Invincible Alliance's vacation) was saved!

His teammates were very grateful to Elektroid for winning the day. Firegirl made a point of cooing over him after she had changed into her bikini, and Blue Behemoth couldn't even find it within himself to be jealous. Drone Man and Ultimate American lavished praise on the metal man for his quick thinking. As he soaked it all in, Elektroid's mechanical heart swelled with pride. For a robot who wasn't even sure if he belonged in the human world, Wester Island had turned into the best vacation ever.


*EDITOR'S NOTE: Based on a title by Wandering Kotka. This public domain photo at Wikimedia Commons was used in the creation of this picture.

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Off Topic: Star Anise on Patrol

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled programming to bring you this piece of fan art for Wandering Kotka to celebrate her birthday!

“Star Anise on Patrol” (December 2014) depicts Wandering Kotka's bunny girl vice cop (yes) Star Anise looking for bad guys to nab. Stock photo is Narrow Street in Czech STOCK by SiljaErgSTOCK, which is no longer active. Star Anise © Wandering Kotka.


We now return you to your regularly-scheduled dose of the Owariverse, already in progress.

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Killer Invisible

Killer Invisible

Bogey Robiere was a notoriously foul-tempered clerk and self-described smut peddler at Grampy's Newsstand, the most famous adult bookstore in all of Major City. He was also stabbed to death three years ago during a bar fight at Ron's Barn, a watering hole not far from Grampy's. So how is the new super villain Killer Invisible a dead ringer for Bogey Robiere?

The simple answer is Killer Invisible is a clone of Bogey Robiere. It turns out Bogey was a Third World agent all along, and that subversive group maintains DNA samples of all its members in case of emergency. After creating a copy of Bogey during the testing of a new cloning apparatus, Third World was left with what to do with the doppelganger. He was given the codename Killer Invisible and instructed to test the experimental Zero Suit, a stealth uniform which grants its wearer total invisibility.

Killer Invisible rather brazenly posted a list of 33 (!) planned targets for robbery on the front door of the Major City Police Department headquarters. He also promised he would bump off Captain Satellite at the conclusion of his crime spree. Well, Killer Invisible only made it through the first three items on his list before Cap apprehended him. Killer Invisible did try to make good on his promise and live up to his name with a concealed knife, but a right hook from Shelly Ericson spelled the end of that and the villain's evening in general.

Killer Invisible is incarcerated at Phipps Prison as the courts try to figure out how to deal with a person who doesn't actually exist. The Zero Suit is in storage there along with other super villain paraphernalia. Oh, and Third World? The cloning apparatus blew up during its next test and took out its inventor Armand Zella in the process. No more clones for them.

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Sun Men

The Sun Men

The Sun Men are a high council of aliens based on the faraway Planet G. They are dedicated to maintaining peace and opposing evil in whatever form it takes. Collectively, the Sun Men are one of the greatest forces for good in the known universe. They are also one of its biggest enigmas.

Virtually everything about the Sun Men is shrouded in secrecy. The origin of their benevolent order is a mystery, as is how and when they established their headquarters on Planet G. Even their exact number of members is open to conjecture. In fact, other than the general location of their base, the only thing known with certainty about the Sun that they exist.

As a rule, the Sun Men do not directly involve themselves in the affairs of individual civilizations. They are usually content to act through specially-chosen agents who are given their own powers. However, the Sun Men will intervene in extreme cases, such as overthrowing the planet Goomador's warlord Girago to head off his plans of galactic conquest. Given their stated mission, it seems likely the Sun Men are closely monitoring the activities of the Astro-Giants wherever they appear.

The Sun Men have until recently seen no reason to recruit an agent on Earth. This changed when they granted Atsushi Anzai the ability to become the superhero Red Taiyo. Red Taiyo has been charged with stopping Dai San Sekai, a Japanese branch of Third World. The fact that Dai San Sekai garnered the attention of the Sun Men may indicate some degree of otherworldly involvement in the subversive organization.

Friday, May 24, 2019



Hellbat (ヘルバット Herubatto), also known as Jigoku Kōmori (地獄コウモリ), is the top lieutenant in Third World's Japan Branch Dai San Sekai (第三世界). His origins are unknown, though he is apparently not one of the creatures cooked up in Dai San Sekai's laboratories. There is speculation he may be an alien, and could possibly even be a renegade connected to the mysterious group known as the Sun Men (サンメン). This might explain the Sun Men getting involved in the battle against Dai San Sekai by granting Atsushi Anzai (安西敦士 Anzai Atsushi) the powers to become the superhero Red Taiyo (レッド太陽 Reddo Taiyo).

Contrary to appearances, Hellbat is not a vampire. Though his fangs are absolutely authentic and not just for show, he has no need to drink blood to survive. Similarly, Hellbat has demonstrated none of the supernatural abilities or weaknesses commonly associated with vampirism. His powers seem to only be super strength, flight, and nocturnal vision, with a limited degree of imperviousness to injury thrown in for good measure. Hellbat can often be found lurking in the shadows, but this is strictly a matter of preference rather than out of necessity. He can operate just fine during the day, but feels he does his best (or is that worst?) work under a cloak of darkness.

The most famous case involving Hellbat was the time Dai San Sekai unleashed a horde of artificially-created "hellbats" (bright red and fiery hot) under his command. While Hellbat engaged Red Taiyo in a fierce duel, the Science Brigade (科学旅団 Kagaku Ryodan) obliterated his winged underlings with their giant Sparkolight Lens (スパーコライトレンズ) after photographer Kenta Chiba (千羽健太 Chiba Kenta) inadvertently uncovered the hellbats' vulnerability to high-intensity light. Red Taiyo vanquished Hellbat in their showdown, but the monstrous malefactor slipped away to fight another day.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kenta Chiba

Kenta Chiba

Kenta Chiba (千羽健太 Chiba Kenta) is a freelance photographer based in Japan. He's not exactly what you would call successful. Why? Well, to be honest, he's a bit of a bumbling buffoon. No matter how good he might be with a camera, that little problem has adversely affected his career advancement.

By virtue of being in the right place at the right time, Kenta Chiba has often been an eyewitness to fights between superhero Red Taiyo (レッド太陽 Reddo Taiyo) and monsters from the evil organization Dai San Sekai (第三世界; "Third World"). Chiba's pictures of these incidents have fetched him a tidy profit for the first time in his life. So naturally, he is motivated to tail Red Taiyo in the hopes of getting more valuable shots...oh, and assisting the hero, of course! Chiba sometimes even manages to be helpful, and the patient Red Taiyo considers him more of a friend than a nuisance.

In his shadowing of Red Taiyo, Kenta Chiba has also crossed paths many times with the Science Brigade (科学旅団 Kagaku Ryodan). Brigade commander Captain Makoto Yamada (山田誠隊長 Yamada Makoto Taichō) thinks Chiba is an idiot and not even a useful one, but tolerates him because his daughter Miharu Yamada (山田美晴 Yamada Miharu) has a soft spot for "Kenta-san." Chiba did assist the Brigade against Hellbat (ヘルバット Herubatto) when he accidentally discovered the villain's underling hellbats were vulnerable to high-intensity light. That's a point in his favor.

It is still unclear whether Kenta Chiba will be a hindrance or an asset in Red Taiyo's crusade against Dai San Sekai. When he's not out chasing heroes and monsters (and sometimes when he is), Chiba can be found snacking on assorted goodies purchased from street vendors. He is especially fond of corn on the cob.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Science Brigade

The Science Brigade

In response to the rise of the Third World division Dai San Sekai (第三世界; "Third World") in their country, the Japanese government has established the Science Brigade (科学旅団 Kagaku Ryodan) as a countermeasure. The Science Brigade is an elite task force of top-flight specialists from a wide range of fields. Their mission is to investigate and, if necessary, take decisive action in cases involving "unorthodox" incidents - especially those connected to Dai San Sekai.

Due to their shared goals of smashing Dai San Sekai, the Science Brigade often finds itself crossing paths with the superhero Red Taiyo (レッド太陽 Reddo Taiyo). They have assisted each other for the common good, but there is an understandable rivalry between the team and the hero. There are also doubts among segments of the Brigade about Red Taiyo's intentions. Obviously, the Science Brigade is unaware of Red Taiyo's true identity or his origin as the chosen champion of the mysterious Sun Men (サンメン). All they know is that it was pretty coincidental he showed up to fight Dai San Sekai just as it appeared, wasn't it?

Though the Science Brigade is a relatively new agency, it already has a large number of operatives scattered throughout Japan. As a result, not every member participates on every case. However, there is an "inner circle" which has a hand in most Brigade business. It is composed of the following members:
  • Captain Makoto Yamada (山田誠隊長 Yamada Makoto Taichō) - Captain Makoto Yamada is the gruff, no-nonsense commander of the Science Brigade. A veteran of dealing with the unusual both at home and abroad, he is absolutely dedicated to both his duty and his daughter Miharu. His admiration for Red Taiyo is the main reason the hero hasn't found himself targeted by some Brigade members.
  • Miharu Yamada (山田美晴 Yamada Miharu) - Miharu Yamada is the communications director of Science Brigade headquarters, though she sometimes agitates her way into field work, too. She is the daughter of Captain Makoto Yamada and his late wife, and the Captain is quite protective of his only child. Miharu shares an attraction with college astronomy lecturer Atsushi Anzai (安西敦士 Anzai Atsushi), little suspecting he is secretly Red Taiyo.
  • Dr. Saburo Mikami (見上佐武郎博士 Mikami Saburō Hakase) - Dr. Saburo Mikami is the Science Brigade's special consultant and seems to have a vast body of knowledge across multiple disciplines. He is also a quiet, withdrawn man haunted by a dark past. The only clues he offers to his difficult history are the cybernetic right hand and deep facial scar that dominate his appearance.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Third World Japan Branch

Third World Japan Branch

In a bid to expand their influence throughout Asia, Third World has founded a Japan Branch called Dai San Sekai (第三世界; "Third World"). Unlike other divisions of Third World, Dai San Sekai has its own distinct identity separate from the rest of the organization. Its henchmen, known as Dai Sannin (第三人; "Third Men"), wear uniforms unique in the Third World hierarchy. They are, however, just as effective as any other Third World agent.

Dai San Sekai's stock-in-trade is the creation of non-living monsters designated Sekai Kaibutsu (世界怪物; "World Monsters"). These Sekai Kaibutsu are key components of most Dai San Sekai schemes. They are churned out with such regularity that no one even bothered to pursue the Sekai Kaibutsu named the Burger-Meister (バーガーマイスター; Bāgāmaisutā) when he fled to America. Unfortunately for Dai San Sekai, no Sekai Kaibutsu would ever be mistaken for a genius.

No one is quite sure who is in charge of Dai San Sekai, even within the group itself. Ostensibly the commander is Dai San Leader (第三リーダー; Dai San Rīdā), but the catch is that no one has ever actually seen him. He communicates with his subordinates via remote voice transmission from an undisclosed location. There are rumors Dai San Sekai is controlled by extraterrestrial interests, which might explain Dai San Leader's elusiveness even among his own lackeys.

The rise of Dai San Sekai has not gone unnoticed outside of Japan. Both Captain Satellite and C.H.I.E.F. are monitoring the situation closely, but have chosen to leave the battle in the hands of homegrown heroes Red Taiyo (レッド太陽 Reddo Taiyo) and the Science Brigade (科学旅団 Kagaku Ryodan) unless their assistance is requested. Interestingly, the main office of Third World is also watching Dai San Sekai warily. There is a fear among Third World's ranks that their very independent subsidiary will break away and establish itself as a dangerous rival.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Red Taiyo

Red Taiyo

Red Taiyo (レッド太陽 Reddo Taiyo) is secretly Atsushi Anzai (安西敦士 Anzai Atsushi), an associate lecturer of astronomy at Japan’s Jonan University (城南大学 Jōnan Daigaku). Returning home late one night, Anzai's motorcycle disappeared into a burst of light. He found himself in another dimension and was greeted by three mysterious beings who introduced themselves as the Sun Men (サンメン). The Sun Men, emissaries of the peaceful Planet G (プラネットG), bestowed upon Atsushi Anzai both a henshin (変身; "transformation") belt and a mission: fight for his homeland and the entire world against a force of darkness on the horizon.

Restored to the normal plane of existence, Anzai took his newfound purpose to heart and created the identity of Red Taiyo (“Red Sun”) with his henshin belt. He uses the innate powers of the belt to transmute his standard bike into a sleek machine dubbed Solarflare (ソーラーフレア). Red Taiyo utilizes Solarflare and his enhanced strength, reflexes, and agility to fulfill his promise to the Sun Men. He is unsure why he was chosen by his extraterrestrial benefactors, but Red Taiyo is determined not to fail.

The "force of darkness" predicted by the benevolent Sun Men soon became apparent when a newly-formed Japan branch of the subversive organization Third World emerged. Dubbed Dai San Sekai (第三世界; "Third World"), this group has an apparent army of monsters at their disposal. Fortunately, Dai San Sekai has so far been as effective as their Western counterparts. Also similar to the main office, no one is quite sure who is in charge. Though a few of their lieutenants have opposed Red Taiyo, the brains of the operation has proven to be nebulous.

The Japanese government, not content to entrust their country's safety to the untested Red Taiyo or outside forces like C.H.I.E.F. and American superheroes, has recently formed an elite task force to combat Dai San Sekai and other paranormal threats. Designated the Science Brigade (科学旅団 Kagaku Ryodan), this task force commanded by Captain Makoto Yamada (山田誠隊長 Yamada Makoto Taichō) is comprised of highly-qualified specialists in a wide range of fields. The Science Brigade has assisted Red Taiyo in battling Dai San Sekai, but there is an understandable rivalry between them and the hero. Complicating matters somewhat is the mutual attraction between Atsushi Anzai and Science Brigade member (and the Captain's daughter) Miharu Yamada (山田美晴 Yamada Miharu).

Red Taiyo is trailed in his ongoing crusade against Dai San Sekai by Kenta Chiba (千羽健太 Chiba Kenta), a bumbling freelance photographer. Chiba does his best to be helpful, and sometimes even succeeds. Whether he will prove to be a hindrance or an asset in Red Taiyo’s mission has yet to be determined.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Off Topic: Golden Age Hawkgirl

The Golden Age/Earth-Two Hawkgirl (Shiera Sanders).

Art by SeanRM. December 2011.

Character © DC Entertainment, Inc./DC Comics, Inc.

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Human Owl

The Human Owl

The legend began in 1940, on the Parallel Earth where Thunder Man had reappeared to the world the year prior. A cult of masked men styling themselves the Parliament of Owls was hunting down and killing known criminals on the streets. Private investigator Abel Wyler, falling for the pleas of a young woman whose older brother had worked as a bookie before being gunned down by the Parliament, was on the trail of the group when he confronted one of its members and subdued him after a vicious fistfight. Stealing his opponent's owl mask, Abel Wyler infiltrated the Parliament of Owls and brought an end to their reign of terror from within their very ranks.

At the conclusion of the case, Abel Wyler was musing over his newfound owl mask. Though they had gone entirely too far, there was something to be said about the Parliament of Owls' methods in pursuing justice. What if...what if he continued to wear the mask in a crusade against crime? He could trade on the Parliament's deadly reputation while using non-lethal means to catch those wrongdoers who were just out of reach of the law. On that day, the Human Owl was born.

Of course, there was the small matter of the Human Owl being wanted for murder due to his co-opting of the guise worn by the Parliament of Owls. Those charges were finally dropped when Abel Wyler took Inspector Leon Adwell into his confidence and explained his origin in detail. From that day forward, the Human Owl was a valuable and trusted ally of the police.

Over the ensuing decades, the mantle of the Human owl has been passed down from one generation of Wylers to the next. The current Human Owl is Phineas Wyler III, and to say he didn't see that coming is quite the understatement. He literally had no idea his father Phineas Wyler Jr. even was the Human Owl until relatively recently! Phineas Jr. had kept the secret hidden because he had no confidence in his artist son's ability to carry on the tradition and was holding out hope of finding a worthier successor. That unfortunately didn't happen before Phineas Wyler Jr. came down with a fatal case of the croup. His deathbed confession to Phineas Wyler III ensured that the Human Owl will fight another day. The question is, just how effective can he be if his own father couldn't believe in him?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Professor Craneo

Professor Craneo

The subversive organization Third World has a deep commitment to super science in their quest for global domination. It hasn't helped them accomplish their goal yet, but they're optimistic. Helmut Krondorf was once the brightest light in the Third World Science Division. Then things got weird.

Krondorf invented a computerized helmet he dubbed the Craneo Cap. The Craneo Cap boosted Krondorf's intellect considerably, and he was already a genius in the first place. There were only two drawbacks to the Craneo Cap - 1) it was very tall, making doorways a problem sometimes, and 2) it eventually fused itself directly to Krondorf's head, effectively making him a cyborg.

In honor of his newfound cerebral prowess, Helmut Krondorf rechristened himself Professor Craneo. His ambition quickly grew to taking over command of Third World. This might have gained traction if not for the fact that the Craneo Cap was turning him into something just as much machine as man. The transformation sufficiently creeped out even the members of Third World enough that Craneo was soon ousted from the group.

Professor Craneo thereafter embarked on a solo career of evil, but was impeded by his increasing instability due to the Craneo Cap's influence. He is probably best-known for his ill-fated attack on Major City's Maximilian International Airport. Joe Truman just happened to be at "The Max" that day to catch a flight to Bulgaria and foiled Professor Craneo, turning the captured villain over to C.H.I.E.F. for safekeeping.

Professor Craneo deteriorated in custody as the Craneo Cap wiped most traces of humanity from his mind. C.H.I.E.F. placed him in suspended animation in their special Cyborg Refrigeration Unit in the hopes of saving his life and possibly finding a cure for his condition. He is still there to this day, and it's likely he will remain there for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Lord Zaur

Lord Zaur

It is not commonly known that there is an eighth continent not found on any map and not accessible by normal means. This continent, referred to as Pangaea by those aware of its existence, occupies an other-dimensional plane and can only be reached by a mystic gateway in the Andes. In Pangaea, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals roam side by side with cavemen in a wild and untamed environment. The more civilized humans native to this mysterious land refer to it as "The Hidden Empire."

Lord Zaur was King of the Zaurians, a tribe of humanoid dinosaurs dwelling in the jungles of the Hidden Empire. He first learned of our world decades ago when a group of hapless mountain climbers stumbled across the Andean gateway and became lost in the Hidden Empire. It fell to Tex Truman to find the men, and Lord Zaur did not take kindly to Truman's intrusion. He swore revenge on the intrepid cowboy for somehow pulling off a daring and ingenious rescue of the imprisoned climbers.

Soon enough, Lord Zaur discovered the gateway to enter our world. What began as a desire for vengeance soon expanded to designs for conquest as he led a cadre of trusted Zaurian warriors on a campaign against modern mankind. Tex Truman thwarted this effort in a series of showdowns which left Lord Zaur the only surviving member of the Zaurian war party. The two opponents met in a final battle in Antarctica that ended when Lord Zaur was trapped in an iceberg in its frigid waters.

Lord Zaur is still cooling his heels within his frozen tomb, but the possibility always exists he might one day escape. The magic totem the dinosaur man wears around his neck ensures he will live in suspended animation for as long as he is encased in the ice of the South Pole. Oh, and there's also the little matter that no one is quite sure exactly where Lord Zaur is in the ice floe at this late date.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Titan Khan

Titan Khan

It still stands as one of the most harrowing cases in the long and illustrious careers of Tex Truman and Gabrielle "Jinx" Fitzgerald, even years later. The beginning was inauspicious enough, with C.H.I.E.F. agent Rollo Yee (余宗道 Yu Chung-tao) receiving a communiqué from his connections in China. However, the message contained an ominous warning to Tex and Jinx - Third World had taken out a contract on their lives. To prove they really meant business, the subversive organization had hired one of the most feared names in the Far East - Titan Khan.

Titan Khan (提坦可汗) had a reputation as the deadliest assassin in all of Asia. He was also a mysterious figure, wielding an unconventional Flame Sword and concealing his true identity behind a bronze mask. He had demonstrated fluency in over a dozen languages, but his “voice” in each was different and clearly mechanically-processed. Jinx would later observe he sounded like he was “badly dubbed.”

The cat-and-mouse game began almost as soon as Titan Khan arrived in Major City via Third World transport plane. He traced Tex and Jinx to The Beige Buffalo steakhouse where they were eating dinner and confronted his targets there. The chase criss-crossed town, with neither hunter nor prey getting an upper hand, until they finally arrived at Lake Grand. After a fierce showdown, Tex and Jinx emerged victorious and claimed Titan Khan's Flame Sword as a prize.

Titan Khan somehow escaped following his defeat at the hands of Tex Truman and Jinx Fitzgerald, but the failure effectively put an end to his legend. He vanished without a trace, and not even his confederates were able to track him down. His current whereabouts and activities, if he is still alive, are unknown.

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Masked Menace

The Masked Menace

The Masked Menace first appeared in 1941 as a foreign saboteur who fought Thunder Man on the Parallel Earth they both call home. Though his initial scheme to blow up American dams was foiled, the Masked Menace quickly established himself as Thunder Man's arch-foe in the minds of virtually everyone by sheer persistence. When the United States officially entered World War II, he began to more blatantly express his allegiance to the Axis powers - particularly the Third Reich.

The true identity of the Masked Menace was a matter of considerable interest to the U.S. government due to his fifth columnist activities. Suspicions eventually zeroed in on Wilhelm Krupp, a member of the German American Bund. However, as federal agents sought the Bundist for questioning, they discovered him murdered in his apartment. That evening, Thunder Man caught the Masked Menace planting TNT at a munitions factory.

The end of WWII did not mark the end of the Masked Menace. His anti-American rhetoric faded away, to be replaced almost entirely with a focus on crime. The Masked Menace continued in this vein until 1948 when he was gunned down by his own gang. That seemed to spell curtains for the infamous villain.

Somewhat inexplicably, the Masked Menace returned in 1954, claiming to be the original and refusing to explain his resurrection. He briefly espoused a belief in Communist doctrines quite at odds with his wartime views, but later became intent on elevating himself to a position of power. Seemingly killed two additional times, he eventually challenged Thunder Man to a “final” battle in 1984 that concluded when he accidentally stabbed himself with his own knife and plummeted from the top of a skyscraper. His body was not recovered afterward.

The Masked Menace has not made a comeback since his most recent apparent death. If history is any indication, though, it is only a matter of time. Thunder Man remains vigilant, always prepared to meet his perpetual enemy again.

Sunday, May 12, 2019


"OWARI Girls" (May 18, 2010). Gift art for my friend SyntheticPlatypus (formerly Sarapuu).

Featuring Shelly Ericson, Firegirl, Amazing Girl, and Muscle Woman.