Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Return of Jetman Update Alert

Hilariously, after I spent most of my daily computer time piecing together an update to my site, I discover that LJ is down for the count, and thus unable to post an entry alerting folks to this update. Therefore, there will instead be an entry on my Blogspot, which will be reposted to my journal when (if?) it returns.


Return of Jetman is my very own internet pet project, for anyone coming in late. Rather than explain it, I'll just urge you to click the link if the name piques your interest. For Feb. 3, 2009, I posted a large albeit minor update. This mostly involved a few cosmetic changes that are likely only of importance to me. However, I did make more significant alterations to my DX and Links sections.

The DX update covers both pages of the section. On Page 1, each artist's name is now a link to their online gallery (where available). This is something I've been considering for awhile, so we'll see how the experiment with it goes. On Page 2, I've added a new gallery spotlighting more vintage (1995! 1998!) artwork from my good friend and collaborator Lewis Smith. I do this even though he probably wants to break my kneecaps because he has to look at such old stuff again.

The Links page has been pared down to the bone. I'm rather tired of checking out a mound of links all the time, especially when it usually involves sites that I never visit otherwise. With my Blogspot taking up some random linking slack, I've elected to only retain those links which I feel pertain to the site and are owned by my friends.

There are other links scattered all over the site, besides those on the Links page. As mentioned earlier, some are on DX Page 1. I've also incorporated more into the FAQ, and there are even links lurking on seemingly random pages. Hopefully, all of the links are placed where they make the most sense, and will drive the most traffic to those sites.

As I concluded my Update Log message - Next time : New artwork! New story! Lots more exclamation points!

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