Sunday, October 11, 2009

Head East

As I've mentioned before, the history of pop music is not entirely written in the Top 40 Singles chart. A good example of this would be the band Head East. They were entirely absent from the Top 40, despite the fact that their song "Never Been Any Reason" has become a staple of classic rock/oldies stations. This in itself is slightly ironic, in that it reached the lowest position of any of their charting singles.

(To save you the trouble, it peaked at #68. "Love Me Tonight", its follow-up, peaked at #54. The forgotten except by hardcore fans "Since You Been Gone" beat them both out by getting as high as #46!)

"Never Been Any Reason" is a fascinating song. The lyrics are intelligible, but unforgettably odd. So odd, in fact, that I once used them as fodder for a cut & paste comic strip. It is also remarkably synth-happy for a song from 1975 that isn't considered "progressive" rock. Or disco, for that matter.

Head East's major label debut album FLAT AS A PANCAKE was still in print the last I checked, and it's loaded with interesting, catchy songs. It's not enough to make you wonder why Head East didn't become a Major Big Deal, but it's entertaining. There's also a "20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection/Best of" compilation which samples the best of that album and their later releases from A&M Records. I own them both, so I guess that makes me something like an expert on the band in these parts.

The real experts out there are behind the official Head East website. Yes Virginia, there really is such a thing.


  1. is this a repost? or new? I think you did a similar one a while ago.

    anyway, nicely written. it's amazing how many classic songs never made the top 40. or sad, when you think The Ramones never charted here in the States, to use one example.

  2. This one is all-new. I did post a link to their website on the journal once, but I don't think I've ever written about them before. Glad you liked it!