Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All Hail Lordwormm

I know very little about the person who calls himself "Lordwormm". He joined the deviantArt site last year, and has been making quite an impression on a lot of people with his enthusiasm. The sheer scope of both his imagination and his productivity is staggering. He has a distinctive style that I find fascinating. And most startling, at least from my perspective, he's done unsolicited fanart of my characters.

Lordwormm is big on promoting original characters on dA - both his and those of others. Little did I know when we first crossed paths that he'd be taking my gang along for the ride. So far, he has included Blue Behemoth, Firegirl, and Urban Nightmare in multi-artist pieces he has done. My favorite of those is probably the second one, as it is an homage to the cover of All-Star Squadron #1. Need I add I bought that comic when it first came out? Urban Nightmare taking the role of Kanjar Ro in spoofing the Justice League "Slave Ship of Space" cover makes me laugh, but I should hasten to add that the Nightmare is actually a heckuva nice guy. Well, no, he really isn't, but he's no evil-doer either.

There's also the little matter of this :

(Click that image for a much larger version of the pic at deviantArt!)

Why yes, that is indeed a picture devoted strictly to my characters. In it, Enemy Alien is ready and willing to match strength with the heroic assemblage of Captain Satellite, Drone Man, Ultimate American, Thunder Man, and Elektroid. I especially like Lordwormm's take on Thunder Man - in fact, I'm filing it away for future reference on the guy. I'm also deeply impressed that he didn't cheat on all the wires in Elektroid's head.

I can't even explain what an amazing surprise this picture was. All of Lordwormm's tributes have been gratifying and humbling, and I hope I can repay him a little by promoting his awesome gallery on my blog. Thanks, Lordwormm, wherever you are!

Oh, and if you're thinking you're not familiar with some of these characters of mine, you shouldn't worry. You'll be meeting them before you know it.

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