Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holiday Sketches by Kabuki Katze (2005 & 2010)

I was rummaging through one of my storage containers last night and pulled out my stack of cards I've received from the wonderful Kabuki Katze. Now, if you get cards from Kabuki, you know she livens them up with doodles and/or sketches. You might also know this if you follow her blog, or even Return of Jetman. These cards are always a special joy when they arrive in the mail. So imagine my surprise to discover a sketch that I had NO RECOLLECTION of seeing! What's more, it was of Shelly Ericson!

It's not hard for me to figure out why Kabuki drew this particular scene for her Christmas card in 2005. I am sure "Lemon Cowgirl" was still fresh in her mind. I just can't understand why I have no memory of seeing it. My best explanation is that I was having some difficulties during that period, and often didn't have a lot of time to focus on creative stuff. I probably did see the sketch, and it just never registered due to all the other concerns I had. But wow, it's cute and saucy, isn't it?

But wait! There's more! It had slipped my mind that 2010's Christmas card also featured one of the Owariverse ladies near and dear to my heart. This one, I do remember seeing, but I hadn't scanned it for inclusion here. I fixed that as fast as I could.

I really love how you can clearly see the progress in both Kabuki's abilities and her confidence in same by contrasting these two sketches. Both are fine pieces of work, but the Firegirl demonstrates how much Kabuki has grown as an artist over these past five years. I am sure there will be much more growth to come!

And there will almost certainly be more of Captain Satellite and friends, too. However, this really is the end of our journey through vintage Cap-related art from other creators. I've enjoyed this review over the past year, and I hope you have, too. Special thanks to Lewis Smith, Kabuki Katze, and Sara Duffield both for bringing life to my characters back in the day and indulging my posting of their older art on this blog. They are all swell folks in addition to being amazingly talented, and they deserve your support.


  1. I have NO idea what was going on with that first sketch. I vaguely remember drawing it, though why didn't I follow up with a bunny-suited Captain Satellite?

    Also, so glad you scanned in Firegirl. I lost my scan of her and am happy to have her back. She's one of my faves from last year's crop of card drawings.

  2. I bet this crackling good idea slipped your mind!

    I had no idea! I agree, she is fantastic and worth saving. Glad I helped you out there.

    Oh, I gotta tell you - going through those cards was a treat. If you want scans of any of the other sketches or doodles, give me a shout.