Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Year's Model, Next Year's News

One of the big reasons to put together Captain Satellite: Number Zero was so I could have a series bible for the Owariverse for my own use. Trust me, it's hard to keep track of all of this stuff in your head, even when it's all your own invention. If you go back and review the entries on this very blog, I'm sure there are still a few inconsistencies here and there. The book contains my efforts to make everything fit together as best it can. You can mark its publication as the moment when it became the "official" resource for the Captain Satellite crew. It takes precedence over whatever has been written in the past, and is the most "correct" version as far as the body of text goes.

You've probably noticed there has been less Cap content here lately. Honestly, this would have happened without the book, and if anything, the book has upped the quotient somewhat. There's only so many profiles I can create before I have to get down to the business of playing with those characters and seeing the results. That said, there is new art coming. Shockingly, some of it will even be from me!

As for the stories, well, that's another matter. I've completed one side project, but it will be going into print in one or two formats eventually. I have another that is much more likely to get a test run here, assuming it ever gets written. And then, there's the novella.

I don't know if the story in the works fits the strict definition of "novella", but it sure isn't a full-length novel or a simple short story so I don't know what else to call it. I've been batting ideas around for it since last year (if not earlier!), and it's shaping up to be something interesting. Even if it turns out to be the final Owariverse project (I hope not), I think it will prove to be something of considerable interest. It has its own set of challenges, and marks a return to the format of the ROJ series. Sorta.

I don't expect anyone to file this away for future reference. However, be on the lookout during 2012 for Captain Satellite: Life & Times. Other than the title, I can't tell you anything else at the moment. And that's not me being coy; it's an acknowledgment that even I'm not sure exactly where this story is going.

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