Sunday, April 3, 2011

K-tel presents Right On!

20 Original Hits! Original Stars!

Let's dip back into the K-tel waters with this vintage spot for Right On. You automatically know it's going to be awesome as soon as K.C. and the Sunshine Band kick things off. But then, it gets even better when it turns out that the hot blonde on the album cover is ALSO in the commercial. And she's dancing. Sorta. She even does the finger point that segues right into the cover art!

This spot demonstrates one of the beautiful, amazing things about K-tel compilations. Is there a theme in evidence anywhere? No? Exactly. Though K-tel certainly could put together themed albums, they usually elected instead to toss random songs into a pile and call it good. Thin Lizzy and the Commodores? Sure! Firefall and Lou Rawls? Absolutely! "Love Machine" and "Nadia's Theme"? Heck, why not? It is my profound hope that those last two were sequenced together, for maximum enjoyment.

As long as there are K-tel albums out there, I will keep writing about them.

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