Monday, May 9, 2011

Dinner With Drac

While I love "Monster Mash", when it comes to cool monster songs, my heart has always belonged to Zacherley's "Dinner With Drac". Maybe I heard it first? I'm not sure - I do have a memory of listening to it on record at school once. And I did own it on (yikes!) 8-track tape, though I am pretty sure "Monster Mash" shares that distinction.

I guess it's just Zacherley's delivery, which is just so perfect without having to resort to the affected accent of "Monster Mash", that makes "Dinner With Drac" so wonderful. There's also the marvelously disconnected vignettes, which manage to be HORROR (and even a little gross) but are still tongue-in-cheek. It's not every day that eating someone's veins is the occasion for a laugh riot!

I recently learned that Zacherley's albums from Cameo-Parkway have finally been released on CD (including Zach's cover of "Monster Mash"!). I elected to buy the mp3 of "Dinner With Drac", but I did go for its B-side, too. That would be "Dinner With Drac - Part 2"! Turns out, it's not an actual continuation, but sounds more like an earlier attempt at the "Part 1" version. The delivery is different, and there are a number of lines that were rewritten to be punchier.

Wanna know more about Zacherley?

Wanna hear "Dinner With Drac"?

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