Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Shiera...Has Made Friends With Another Nurse, Diana Prince!"

This is sort of a follow-up to yesterday's entry, since it springs from a poll that Nickyflamingo recently had on her dA page. The topic was "What are some of your favorite shoujo-ai/ yuri/ femslash/ girly love couples?" If you don't understand what any of those terms mean, you should probably just stop reading now. The rest of you, consider yourselves sufficiently warned.

Anyway, I'd wager most of you reading this blog are aware of Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy as a pairing. I mean, Harley/Ivy is almost canon, isn't it? But being me, I hauled one out from the Archives. Literally!

Going waaaaay back in time, there is some serious girlcrush action going on between Wonder Woman and Shiera (original Hawkgirl) Sanders in the issue of All-Star Comics where Diana joins the JSA. My imagination, it runs wild.

The issue in question is All-Star Comics #11 (June-July 1942), edited by Sheldon Mayer. The sequence itself is only one page, with script by Gardner Fox and art credited to Jack Burnley. Below you will find some excerpts as reprinted in All-Star Comics Archives Volume 3, with cutesy captions added by yours truly.

Some of you will say I am taking things out of context. Some of you will say I am reading entirely too much into these panels. Some of you will say this is ridiculous. You are absolutely correct. But it's still fun!

"--And come join me back in our cabin!"
"She's my *ahem* friend, Hawkman!"
"Dangling! Tee Hee!"
"Now kiss me already!"

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