Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Rather than try to think of a new way to phrase this, here's the text from the final post of Pictures of Naomi Morinaga.

The End Of The Adventure

This Tumblr was born out of both whimsy and cynicism. I had noticed that an entry about Naomi Morinaga on my regular blog OWARI got views every single day. I reasoned that a Tumblr dedicated to nothing but pictures of her would definitely satisfy a need among a certain segment of the Internet.

It turns out I was right, but my interest in maintaining this side project has waned. Rather than letting the whole thing sit while people wait for it to update again, I’ve elected to announce today that Pictures of Naomi Morinaga is coming to a close. I have completed the photo set that launched the site in May, and this will be the final post here.

I appreciate everyone who has followed, liked, reblogged, or just paid attention to this modest little image blog. Most of all, I’d like to thank Naomi Morinaga for being so awesome. Pictures of Naomi Morinaga may be ending as an ongoing project, but it will remain for those of you looking for photos of this fantastic lady. There’s no reason to delete it, so I won’t.

For those of you who would like to continue to follow me on Tumblr, I have just opened the OWARI Tumblr Annex. I am uncertain how I will be using that account, but I figured I needed a “regular” one. I’m sure you will be seeing me lurking on Tumblr when and where you least expect it.

Sayonora, Naomi Morinaga fans.

If you would like to follow the all-new OWARI Tumblr account, you will find the link in the quoted text or in the blog's sidebar. My intention is for it to be a general audience Tumblr, akin to what you might find here. How much use I get out of it remains to be seen.

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