Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Player Come Back

Last year, I wrote a little entry where I pointed out that many musical acts considered "one hit wonders" really aren't. I even cited a few examples. Now, if you wanted to argue (unheard of on the Internet, I know), you could counter that skirting the lower end of the Top 40 for a couple of weeks barely counts as having a hit record. OK, but what about these guys?

That's Player with their monster hit "Baby Come Back". It spent 16 weeks in the 40, including three at #1. It was part of the RSO juggernaut of 1977-78, and the only Number One not involving a Gibb brother in some capacity during that unprecedented hot streak. In fact, from the last weeks of December 1977 to the middle of May 1978, it was the only #1 without the Gibb name. So "Baby Come Back" cannot be underestimated (no matter your opinion of it), and it is one of those songs that is truly synonymous with the 70s.

But how many people remember this?

"This Time I'm In It For Love" was Player's next big single. It spent 12 weeks in the Top 40 and peaked at #10. No, it wasn't a second #1, but cracking the Top 10 twice in less than a year is a pretty good achievement. Yet, if pressed, the average music fan would identify Player was a one hit wonder, because all that still gets consistent airplay is "Baby Come Back". Despite being a decently successful hit in its own right, "This Time I'm In It For Love" is forgotten.

And yes, Player had a third Top 40 hit, but your homework for this entry (if you are interested) is to find "Prisoner of Your Love" for yourself.

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