Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Kikaida Brothers Are Unbeatable!

I have been watching DVDs of the Japanese superhero programs JINZO NINGEN KIKAIDA and KIKAIDA 01 from Generation Kikaida since late January. It's been an interesting experience to follow these shows in chronological order. The sequel series isn't as successful as the original, but that is perhaps to be expected. It's also material for a different post entirely. No, today I want to talk about one of those amazing moments that can only be offered by Japanese hero shows.

I was watching KIKAIDA 01 a few days ago, and it seemed the bad guys of SHADOW finally had a foolproof plan. They shot Ichiro (Kikaida 01 himself) to the moon in a rocket ship, along with a couple of hapless civilians. Well, the baddies teleported themselves there to fight him. This meant that, though Ichiro had rigged the rocket to blast off, he had to stay behind. After the villains realized he was still kicking their tails, they departed too. This left Ichiro stranded all alone on the moon, with no hope of getting home.

But wait! What should appear in the lunar sky but ICHIRO'S MOTORCYCLE. It had been sent by Ichiro's android brother Jiro, who included a note explaining that his circuits had alerted him to Ichiro's plight and that the motorcycle was refueled and ready. A grateful Ichiro hopped on his bike and drove home. From the moon.

At that moment, I realized the villains in this show have no chance.

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