Tuesday, September 21, 2010

K! K! Robotto Keiji!

Say, you remember yesterday's post about Sean Moore, right? Sure you do! Well, I scheduled that post well in advance without realizing that Monday was also Sean's birthday! Hope it was a happy one, sir!

Also, I want to show you something I swiped from Sean's page. But it's OK, because I paid him for it!

That, friends and neighbors, is a sketch card of the Japanese superhero Robot Keiji. He was the winner of one of the polls Sean has been running on his page regarding subjects for pre-made sketch cards. When I saw him, I knew it would be awesome to own him, too.

Sean has other pre-drawn cards up for sale, at bargain prices. Check 'em out and see if one strikes your fancy!


Xenorama said...

stop taking all the cool heroes! LOL
this is great.

C. Elam said...

Hey, you can write about him, too!