Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Art of Sean Moore

We've talked about the killer artwork of Sean Moore in the past, and you've seen a number of examples, too. Today, we're going to look at some more work he recently completed for me.

Here we see Golden Age characters Cat-Man and Kitten, but with a difference. These are technically cards of Bruce Chase and Eve East from my fictitious Cat-Man TV series. I asked Sean to use Adam West and Yvonne Craig in their Batman days for inspiration, with perhaps a little William Shatner thrown into the mix for Cat-Man. I think he absolutely nailed it.

But Cat-Man and Kitten weren't the only characters I asked Sean to draw for me.

This batch of cards depict more of my original characters. The top row includes all three of the Astro-Giants, while the bottom row has a Neptoid, King Zaur, and the Masked Menace. Whew!

Believe it or not, PSC order 4 isn't quite all just yet. But you'll have to sit tight and be patient for the rest of the fun!

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