Monday, February 28, 2011

Chaos Theory Vol. 3 - Coming Soon!

If my webstats are to be believed, one of the most popular entries on this blog is my discussion of the 2010 Chaos Theory show. With this in mind, I felt I should pass along the promotional material for the 2011 show. Who knows? There might be some local artists reading who are interested in contributing!

This year's show is going to be later in the year, so this entry's title is not exactly accurate. Hey, it sounded better than "Chaos Theory Vol. 3 - Coming One Of These Days!", so don't hassle me. The plus side to this is that there will be plenty of time to work what you'd like to do if this show intrigues you.

For more info, you can contact Eric Manuel at the phone number and/or e-mail address provided. There's also the the official website of the Henning Cultural Center. "Chaos Theory Vol. 3" just might be the best one yet, if we all work to make that happen.

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