Saturday, July 16, 2011

The New Green Hornet Sucks!

But how even a production company completely devoid of taste and talent could have produced blunders so numerous and broad in scope as those of the TV "Green Hornet" is virtually inconceivable. From the frivolous mood-destroying jazz opening (as opposed to the awesome introduction of the radio program), to the use of a mask which could in no way believably conceal the identity of the hero, to the cheap-looking gas gun, to the miscasting of every character (with the possible exception of Bruce Lee as Kato), to the dreadfully DULL scripts, to the lack of attention to such important elements as mood, characterization, and The Hornet's motives, the TV program was in NO WAY an accurate representation of the exciting Fran Striker creation.
--Larry Ivie, Larry Ivie's Monsters and Heroes #7 (May 1970)

A few observations:

* That is one amazingly lengthy sentence.

* If you thought the Internet created this sort of thing, guess again. It just provided an easier medium for expressing it.

* Considering Al Hirt's theme to THE GREEN HORNET ("Flight of the Bumblebee", OK?) is regarded as a classic TV theme, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised it takes it on the chin here. Still, "frivolous"? "Mood-destroying"?

* The mask thing puzzles me. Sure, it's different than the old mask, but how was it any less believable than the mask the Lone Ranger wore? Or was this just an instance of "It's new and therefore bad!"? (don't answer that)

* LOL @ "with the possible exception of Bruce Lee as Kato".

* The paragraph preceding this one pays the TV show THE AVENGERS a very back-handed compliment, calling it a "totally dull idea" that produced "an endless number of interesting and entertaining episodes." Hey, thanks! (wait...)

* Billy Preston was right - it does go round in a circle.

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