Saturday, July 2, 2011

Number 500

I made a big deal in September 2009 when I reached 100 posts, mostly because I had not anticipated this blog evolving the way it did. I promised myself afterward that I wouldn't talk about hitting a "milestone" again until I made it to 500. I figured that was still some time in the future.

Once again, I reached a goal much more quickly than I would have figured. Less than two years later, we have arrived at entry #500. This was due in no small part to a bit of a renaissance when it came to my personal work. Trust me, when I was in the middle of crafting a bunch of that superhero stuff last summer, I didn't dream I would be sitting here today with one book already available and another in the works.

The readership has grown a bit since entry 100, too. I've had at least two periods of much-higher sustained interest, including a week or so last month. It never seems to last, but I am grateful and appreciative of anyone who chooses to read this blog at all.

Here's a list of five entries you might have missed from the first two years:

1. Some words of wisdom when it comes to comic books.

2. You can't unsee this cartoon by Terry Beatty.

3. An exhaustive review of the 1970s Metal Men comic. (And a follow-up)

4. An unexpected discussion of the Japanese science-fiction film THE H-MAN.

5. This satire of Internet discourse is one of my favorite pieces I've ever written.

Now, we begin the process of writing the next 500 entries. Onward and upward!

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