Monday, November 8, 2010

Sharp Cards!

Say, you guys still remember those Personal Sketch Cards that were done for me by Sean Moore, right?

This is famed super robot Mazinger Z. Obviously, this isn't my character, but when I saw this card, I had to have it. I figured it would go nicely with the latest batch of sketch cards he was doing of my characters.

What? Even more? Yes!

Awww yeah, you had just BETTER click that image to view it larger! This time, I asked Sean to tackle Dr. Sandor Varkoff, Gargantua Maximus, Zoragaza the Mystic, Mystery Spaceman, Sultura, and Titan Khan. As usual, Sean knocked it out of the park with my guys.

But wait, I didn't mention the bunny girl vice cop in the middle, did I? She is Star Anise, a character from the fertile mind of my good friend Kabuki Katze. I wanted to pay back Kabu for all the smashing work she has done for me during this year, and since I was due an additional card in this order from what I planned, I decided that it was only fitting to have Sean create a card of one of her characters.

Star is currently on her way to Kabuki even as we speak. So a hearty cheer to both Sean and Kabuki for all the fine work they have done for me this year. Both of them are available for commissions, so what is the hold-up, pardner?

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