Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sometimes (OK, a lot of the time), I feel compelled to point my handful of readers to something far more amazing than anything I could accomplish on this blog. Recently, I was reminded of one such site which I have neglected to discuss.

Rob Kelly is a man with more blogs than he probably even remembers. The one we are discussing today is the JLA Satellite. This blog was only published from 2007-2008, because it had a limited goal in mind. However, that goal was to chronicle each issue of the original run of the Justice League of America comic! Yep, all 261 issues, the annuals, the try-outs - they're all there. It's an amazing resource, and a site I often find myself looking up when I have a question about the JLA.

It's a great site, filled with plenty of cool stuff on one of my favorite super teams. Plus, Rob's style is plenty ingratiating and fun.

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