Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amazing Girl Is Amazing

Ah yes, there was a reason for this entry unearthing more of Sara's art. As you can see, I now have a commission by her longtime pal Kabuki Katze of Amazing Girl. And yeah, a click for full-size will reveal just how amazing it truly is!

After much second-guessing, I've found a way to integrate Amazing Girl into my Owariverse that satisfies me. I haven't gotten around to posting that profile yet, but it is ready to go. And though the magazine and its associated blurbs were all devised by Kabu herself, the reference to Whitney DeKalb should leave no doubt that Amazing Girl is now rubbing elbows with Captain Satellite, Shelly Ericson, and the rest.

If you'd like (and why not, sez I?), you can check out KK's posting of this piece over dA way. And yet, perhaps you are wondering how Synthetic Platypus factors into this renaissance for Amazing Girl even more than she could've guessed in 2009. Or maybe you are wondering where Muscle Woman is while all this is going on.

Patience, dear readers. All shall come in time.


  1. Amazing Girl was one of the characters in your stable that I had completely forgotten about (Muscle Woman was the other, appropriately enough) so drawing her was great. Now I am a full-on Amazing Girl fan!

    Also, working in a ref to Miss DeKalb made me absurdly happy. :)

  2. It's not surprising, since they were part of the bunch I had relegated largely to nostalgia. Still, I couldn't get the idea of reusing them once Sara put it into my head. IT'S ALL HER FAULT, I TELLS YA!

    I'm glad you enjoyed this little project so much, since it made ME happy to see it take shape.