Thursday, August 4, 2011


I heard "Roaches" once on the syndicated radio program John Lander's Hit Music USA back in the 80s, and then never again. Bits of it stuck with me over the years, but I didn't remember the whole thing. I couldn't even tell you who had done it until just a couple of days ago.

Turns out, it was credited to "Bobby Jimmy and the Critters". "Bobby Jimmy" is a pseudonym for a gentleman named Russ Parr, who has ultimately found success in radio broadcasting. You can check out his website right here. I didn't see if he talks about the Bobby Jimmy days anywhere, but it would be hilarious if he did.

The song itself is a parody of Timex Social Club's "Rumors", which accounts for some of the references in it that seemingly make no sense. Of course, it then detours into a riff on "The Roof Is On Fire" and possibly one or two other songs. Not the greatest song parody, but kind of amusing. I am just astonished there is a music video for it!

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