Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh Hey, Chaos Theory

So I opened up my newspaper this past Friday morning and discovered this on the front of the entertainment section.

And THAT, lads and lasses, is "St. Alia" from the Saints of Dune series by our friend Kabuki Katze in the Lake Charles American Press. As I observed on Twitter at the time, I have imagined many things, but seeing my pal Kayleigh's work on the front page of my local paper's entertainment section was not one of them.

The opening of the show went great - there were plenty of people and plenty of fantastic art. I am still hoping to document as much as I can, but I elected to hold off Friday night due to the crowd.

I did, however, manage to capture this:

"The Saints of Dune", hanging together and being awesome. Is that a vicarious thrill for you? It was for me.

If you are in the SWLA area, there's really no excuse NOT to see Chaos Theory if it sounds like your speed. It's free, it runs until November 11, and they MAY even give you cookies (no promises, though). You can read more about it at the Chaos Theory Fan Page!


  1. SWEET. Seeing this pic has absolutely made my day--and it needed some making.

    Thank you!

  2. I wasn't sure if you'd seen it on Facebook over the weekend, so I'm glad it came when you needed it. Though I hope better days are ahead. You're quite welcome!