Friday, October 8, 2010

Altered Egos: Paul Mann

Today, we launch "Altered Egos", a new Captain Satellite art series that was brought to life by the one and only Kabuki Katze. "A/E" takes a little bit from stuff she did in previous projects, and a little bit from Captain Satellite-themed pieces done earlier this year. It's all blended together in the wonderful Kabuki style to create commissioned pictures that are everything I could've possibly imagined.

I brought the "Altered Egos" series to Kabu with a very simple goal in mind - namely, I wanted to see the Captain Satellite characters depicted in their everyday (I can't call them "normal") identities. Stock art from previous pictures would be in the background illustrating that character's heroic identity. Oh, and the font would be Odaballoon, because I love it.

Altered Egos : Paul Mann
(Click image for 1440x900)

Our first subject was Paul Mann, a.k.a. Captain Satellite himself. In many ways, he was the toughest, because there was the least go on with him visually. He's also a little bit of an enigma. I like that Kabuki described him as "a millionaire inventor with more good intentions than good sense and a permanent 'aw-shucks' expression." Yep, that's Paul. But there's even more to him than that. Hopefully, we'll get to that one day.

I made sure to ask for the wrist changer alluded to in "Shelly's Story", and Kabu and I hashed out the rest of the details as we went. It was her idea to put him in a Captain Satellite T-shirt, but one I fully supported!

If you'd like to check out Kabu's page for this piece, check it out over deviantArt way!


  1. This is awesome! I've always been curious what Paul looked like (I'm of the opinion that, while the heroic stuff should be the main focus of superhero stories, the civilian identity is equally important...if that doesn't sound contradictory), so this made me pretty happy. I like that he's a millionaire who wears jeans and a T-shirt under his blazer, and I really like the detail of the stuff in his pocket corresponding to the Captain Satellite color scheme.

  2. Thank you!

    Yeah, I feel similarly, so I had wanted to do something with the civilian guises sooner or later. The trick was figuring out the way to get that done properly.

    Oh yeah, Kabu and I discussed all of those sort of details. She enjoys throwing little bonuses in to see if people notice.