Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ROJ's Countdown To Infinity

Hey folks! It's another October Tuesday, so let's begin the full-court press to the conclusion of the current NROJ storyline. That's due on October 26, if you have somehow forgotten the reminders I've been posting.

If you were to wander over to www.returnofjetman.com right now (hint hint), you would be able to read the fifth big episode of New Return of Jetman. Considering how long it took to get this one put together, I'm amazed that I've only had to overhaul it twice since its original premiere.

There's other new stuff other there, including Joe Zierman's Jet Phoenix sketch that was posted yesterday. The index pages are somewhat more up to date now, so navigating will be easier. Sorry people, I only get the chance to do that about once a month!

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