Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened This Past Week

I was scrounging about my mind, looking for something to discuss on this blog for Thursday. I happened to remember a pair of comic book scans that had been sitting on my computer since October of last year, and decided that they would do for a quick and easy entry. Given the very nature of the entry in question, I suspected that it would eventually become one of the most popular posts on my blog through search engine hits.

Little did I suspect while composing that bit of nonsense that it would catch the eye of notable comic book blogger and all-around swell guy Mike Sterling and that he would link to it on his entertaining Progressive Ruin blog. I should hasten to point out that this isn't the first time Mike has favored me with a link, but it's the first time since Blogger instituted their "Stats" feature. Before then, I chose to carry on unaware of what was getting the most traffic on this site. Now, it's just a tab away.

And wow. Since these stats went live in June-July (they say May, but I have trouble believing I had zero hits that month), I had been racking up a modest number of pageviews on most entries. A few select posts were seemingly more popular, but nothing especially off the charts. Until Thursday, that is. Within 8 hours of Mike's link going live, that entry zoomed to the most hits of any page on this blog since Blogger started compiling stats. It is at 512 views as of this writing, and continues to get new ones seemingly every hour. It has already started to level off a bit, but that is still enough to make it five times more popular than its nearest competition.

Thanks large, Mike! You definitely increased the traffic exponentially on my obscure corner of the blogosphere, and I'm quite grateful. I'd like to believe I have retained even a fraction of that potential audience, but I guess only time will tell.

If you happen to be someone who clicked the link and decided to stick around, welcome to OWARI. This blog is basically just me talking about whatever crosses my mind. That often includes comic books, Japanese science-fiction, music, and my own idiosyncratic works. I've also recently taken up livetweeting broadcasts of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 - The 70's over on my Twitter account, and folks seem to like it. At least, the pitchforks and torches haven't been brought out so far!

The one thing I cannot promise you here is more pictures of naked Superman and Batman. But hey, you never know what I might find!

(EDIT: Y'know, I realize now that the assertion above that this was the first time Mike has linked here since the Stats feature came about is incorrect. Mike has linked to my blog fairly recently, as a matter of fact. I guess the subject matter of this particular link was what did the trick!)

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