Monday, October 8, 2012

15 Minutes of Tumblr Fame

Well, this is interesting. It started on Thursday night when Tom Brevoort published this request on his "Marvel Age of Comics" Tumblr. Based on his response, Tom had never heard of Kaliman. I had, but just barely. Kaliman is a Mexican superhero. But what was this Kaliman/Galactus business?

Well, a little web searching yielded the surprising answer. It seems a few Kaliman comic book covers depict him fighting Marvel characters. There's not only Galactus, but also Doctor Doom and a trio of Things! I have no idea what's going on inside those books, but the covers are pretty wild.

As you can see, I decided to upload those covers to Tumblr myself after dropping Tom a line about them. Well, Tom reblogged them, and my Tumblr dashboard subsequently EXPLODED with activity. I've been reblogged by that account many times, but never on a post I'd uploaded myself - much less THREE. What makes it even funnier is this all happened over the weekend. I'm curious to see what happens now that the work week has begun.

In other Tumblr news, I have resurrected Pictures of Naomi Morinaga from the grave. Same URL, different blog. This one is labeled a "secondary" blog, so it cannot follow people or like posts. However, you Naomi fans may bookmark it to keep up. Considering all the hits the post about it here still gets, I figured I should include SOMETHING there. Whether it does anything more than reblog, well...we'll see.

Speaking of secondary blogs, this feature so fascinated me that I launched another Tumblr - Continued Next Week! Since there are apparently ZERO movie serial-specific Tumblrs (despite things like The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Every Day existing there), I decided to fill that void myself. The same rules apply as with the Naomi Tumblr - it cannot follow people or like posts itself. I really love serial imagery, and this will allow me to consolidate my posts about them in one spot.

I know this sounds like a lot, but it's all as easy as a dropdown menu after a single login. I don't expect either of these to have as big a volume as I've been maintaining on my regular Tumblr. In fact, I'm leaning toward easing off a little there. I mean, it's not as if I post as much as some people I know there, but some of the luster has been wearing off. I'm sure I just need to concentrate on what is inspiring me at the moment.

Finally, this will not be important in any way, but this exists now. There used to be a spam account at that URL many moons ago, and I believe it was Kabuki Katze who suggested registering it for myself just to claim the name. That sounded like a good idea to me, and since this was apparently my weekend for starting new sub-blogs, I just did it. There are no plans for any posting there, but then again, I didn't plan to post on THIS blog when I first created it.

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