Friday, August 29, 2014

Sailor Erato

Our friend Wandering Kotka recently completed a commission special dedicated to Sailor Moon, in honor of the new series currently airing. I was literally the last person to participate, and I presented an odd challenge - Rene Bond as a Sailor Scout! Well, you can see the result above, especially if you right click to make bigger. Say hello to Sailor Erato!

If you would like to comment on Kotka's upload of this, and read her wonderful description, you can do that right here!

NEXT: something not about Rene Bond. Honest.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rene Bond Newspaper Clippings

Yes, I've been absent from OWARI for longer than usual, but I have not been idle during that time. In fact, I've been essentially blogging almost every day this month. It's just that it hasn't been here.

Over on Rene Bond Tribute, I have been posting newspaper clippings related to Rene, with commentary. I just wrapped up this project last night, so it seemed like the right time to link to it here.

I've learned a lot from this exercise, and I hope people enjoy it. There will probably be more clippings in the future, but these were the most interesting I found in my recent research.