Wednesday, August 2, 2017

So Anyway...

I've closed this blog at least once, and waffled on the idea several other times. I'm loath to do so yet again. It just feels wishy-washy. Probably a good way to describe my approach to blogging anymore.

Problem is, I have no motivation and no inspiration for this right now. After 14 years (!) of blogging dating back to LiveJournal, I feel like I've hit a wall. The daily grind for minimal reward has caught up with me. I can still put together a good piece when called upon (I have a review of THE MANSTER submitted for the upcoming issue of XENORAMA), but that doesn't extend to OWARI of late.

If it makes followers of this blog feel any better (it probably won't), this malaise has happened pretty much across the board on all my projects. My Tumblrs have been on hiatus since January, and let's not even talk about DeviantArt. I'm still doing things and reading things and watching things - I just don't feel like writing about them.

Unless something changes, this will probably be it for 2017. I'll re-evaluate later. For what it's worth, I'm sorry this blog has mostly degenerated into navel-gazing over whether I should continue doing it.

If anyone is interested, I do still post semi-regularly on Twitter.