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2011: The Azure Ant (Apocrypha)

The Azure Ant - Originally posted December 7, 2011. Apocryphal version of the Albino Ant. Based on the original version of the Blue Beetle which is in the public domain.

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Confessions of a Naughty Nerd Girl

“Confessions of a Naughty Nerd Girl” by Wandering Kotka. September-October 2014.

Featuring Velvet Verity. Character design by Wandering Kotka.

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"Have It My Way!" (Apocrypha)

"Have It My Way!" (Apocrypha)

The original idea was aliens with hamburger heads. This became too ridiculous for even me as part of the Owariverse, but I liked the picture. However, I made the mistake of leaving the proposed name of these aliens on it. This caused much confusion and has been deleted for this posting. Just so we're clear - NO HAMBURGER HEAD ALIENS IN THE OWARIVERSE.

Eventually, this design evolved into the Burger-Meister.

Originally posted October 17, 2010.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

"Kreegah" (Apocrypha)

"Kreegah" (Apocrypha)

This was an early attempt at what became the Volcano Monsters. This design was rejected as unsatisfactory, and I went back to the figurative drawing board until I worked out something I liked far better based on helpful suggestions from some friends.

Originally posted October 11, 2010.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"I Make Stabby" (Apocrypha)

"I Make Stabby" (Apocrypha)

This was an early discarded design for the Masked Menace. I added some colors and posted him because there were elements of the piece I liked even if it didn't work for the character. Though yes, he's holding his knife wrong and would probably cut his hand before he actually stabbed anyone.

Originally posted September 26, 2010.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Psychedelic Man Prototype

An early prototype version of the Psychedelic Man, a character which came to me in a half-waking/half-dreaming state. At this point, I still wasn't sure if he was going to be incorporated into the Owariverse or not. He ultimately was.

Originally posted April 2, 2010.

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Firegirl's Birthday Surprise

"Firegirl's Birthday Surprise" (November 4, 2009). Gift art for my friend SyntheticPlatypus (formerly Sarapuu).

Featuring Firegirl.

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Eve East by SeanRM

Eve East by SeanRM. October 2013.*

*In truth, this was originally intended to be a picture of model/actress Rene Bond. Since Eve East's appearance is at least partially based on Rene, I've decided to "recast" this as a picture of Eve. I just hope Ms. East's constituents in El Oceano can stand the shock of her previously-unreleased nude scene!

See the full (NSFW!) version at Satellite Blue!