Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Vixens of Kung-Fu + Oriental Blue

The Vixens of Kung-Fu + Oriental Blue

This collaboration between Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix was an early release for the former company. Both films are directed by Bill Milling, who seems to be doing quite well for himself with his American Movie Company. Not sure if he's interested in being associated with this particular chapter of his career.

VIXENS OF KUNG-FU turns out to be a decent homage/rip-off (pick 'em) of Chinese martial arts movies. Two big drawbacks - 1) none of the titular "Vixens" are of Asian descent and 2) none of them know any martial arts at all. There is an Anthony Wong credited with "special kung-fu fighting" and I'd assume he is the fellow seen on-screen who seems to know what he is doing. The cast tries gamely to at least get poses halfway right, and Arlana Blue comes closest to looking like she has some idea. But this is Bree Anthony's movie, and C.J. Laing's to a lesser extent. Bree even gets a wig thrown on her to play a second part. She's all kinds of adorable and sympathetic, and even has to fend off a very angry bee during her climactic "duel" with future husband Tony Richards (Tony Blue).

ORIENTAL BLUE, on the other hand, is an ultra-sleazy look at human trafficking. Peonies Jong (seen as a non-sex sifu in VIXENS) is the driving force, and her thick accent actually works in her favor here. With the exception of Bree Anthony again, no one given any character development in this movie is particularly nice. Even Jamie Gillis as our nominal hero is a bastard. I did find Bobby Astryr's character from the "World Bordello Association" to be hilarious in how awful a person he was. This movie's poster did supply my biggest laugh, with Al Goldstein's quote that it was "great for couples." Yes, because what lady doesn't dream of her man selling her into white slavery?

A wonderful double bill. Kudos to whoever decided to put this one out. It just might not be great for couples.