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Ultimate American

Ultimate American

For Dean Truman, being a hero runs in the family. His father Tex is a legendary figure for his exploits with C.H.I.E.F., and was even director of the agency for many years. His mother Gabrielle was also a C.H.I.E.F. agent of great renown. His brother Joe (from his father's first marriage) battled evil for years as a freelancer. So when he found himself in our nation's capital of Federalton training to be the United States government's official superhero, it felt almost like it was inevitable.

Dean Truman joined the Army out of high school, and proudly served his country as a soldier. Like the rest of the world, he was amazed by the emergence of Captain Satellite and the other heroes who followed in his footsteps. Little did he know that his life would soon intertwine with these larger-than-life figures. He was selected by the top secret Monarch-12 committee as the ideal candidate in the military for the role of Ultimate American, the Faceless Defender of Democracy. Presumably, Dean's bloodline played at least some factor in that decision.

It came to pass that Sgt. Dean Truman was completing his crash course in being a superhero when Third World unleashed the Macro Warriors on Major City. Seeing this emergency both as urgent and opportune, his handlers sent Ultimate American to assist in the battle against the giant robots. Their confidence in their charge paid off, and Ultimate American played a key part in that day's victory. What no one could have foreseen was said victory leading to the formation of a super team - with Ultimate American in charge.

Ultimate American was alarmed to be named leader of this new "Invincible Alliance" considering he was brand-new at the job. However, the mantle of leadership suited him well, and he came to think of his fellow members in the IA like platoon buddies. This was why he chafed when his government bosses sent him orders to file reports on the activities of his teammates. But to disobey seemed unthinkable.

Finally, the situation became intolerable, and Ultimate American made an ultimatum - no more stooging on his friends or he would resign entirely from his costumed identity. Tex Truman interceded on his son's behalf and pulled strings to resolve matters without a messy public controversy. Dean Truman was granted an honorable discharge and allowed to retain full control of the Ultimate American guise. In return, the Invincible Alliance accepted a C.H.I.E.F. liaison, and to the surprise of no one, Tex was appointed.

Today, Ultimate American is a full-fledged civilian guiding the affairs of the Invincible Alliance and trying to keep them on a steady course. Despite lacking powers or gimmicks (other than training, conditioning, and a good right cross), there is never a question of who's in command. He attempted maintaining a secret identity early in his career, but it was completely blown by the time he almost quit. He makes no bones about who he really is now. After all, it's hard to pretend you're not related to your dad when he shows up for a meeting.

Away from the action, Ultimate American is very private, and shares little of his personal life despite residing at Invincible Alliance headquarters. His friends believe he is driven to prove he is worthy of the legacy of heroism he has inherited. It is also obvious he is haunted by the disappearance of Joe Truman, the half-brother he never knew.

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Fiery newspaper reporter Roxanne Prize of The Major City Courier was not only one of the first people befriended by Paul Mann when he arrived in Major City, but she soon became his girlfriend as well. Outwardly, they seemed the very picture of a happy couple, but both of them were keeping secrets. Roxanne's secret was that she was trying to dig up clues to the mystery of Paul Mann's background.

Although Roxanne had initially become involved with Mann to learn more about him, she grew to genuinely love him. That made it a gut-wrenching decision when her research was finally completed and she had reached her conclusions. Should she release the story, or should she just forget it? In the end, her (somewhat unethical) journalist side won out over her personal side.

When Roxanne's exposé on Paul Mann broke, it drove a wedge between the two of them that was impossible to overcome. To make matters worse, it soon became clear to everyone that Roxanne's reasoned deduction of Mann's “true” identity was, in fact, wrong. Having lost both the man she loved and her already iffy journalistic credibility due to her deception, Roxanne more or less went into hiding. She resigned from The Courier, retreated to El Oceano on the west coast, and began writing for celebrity gossip magazines under a pen name.

When Paul Mann created his Captain Satellite persona, Roxanne Prize saw an opportunity to make amends for what she had done. Flying to the east coast on “special assignment” for one of her client publications The Sleuth Gazette, she turned up on the MTI campus ostensibly to interview Mortimer (Blue Behemoth) Kane and Danny (Drone Man) Graham about their recent exploits. But she had an ulterior motive - she pleaded with the two newly-minted heroes to make her a superheroine.

After considerable convincing and arm-twisting, the nonplussed pair relented and pooled their resources to help Prize develop her own super identity. The result of their efforts was the flame-discharging gun the Pyro Pistol. With this weapon in hand, Roxanne fashioned her own flashy heroine costume. A week later, Blue Behemoth and Drone Man had a new partner in their crusade when Firegirl made her debut.

Firegirl has sought to use her return to the limelight to redeem herself for her past transgressions, and perhaps make the world a better place in the bargain. She is known far and wide as a strong woman who is ingenious, courageous, and more than a little flirtatious. She even has her own super powers now, as an especially bizarre case gave her mastery over fire and rendered the Pyro Pistol superfluous. Firegirl is a founding member of the Invincible Alliance, and has distinguished herself time and again.

Captain Satellite and Firegirl appear to have finally made peace with each other over their relationship and the betrayal that ended it. Though Firegirl still has lingering guilt over how it all went down, Cap is perfectly content to let bygones be bygones after so much time. Shelly Ericson, on the other hand, is still not sure she feels so forgiving about the matter.

Firegirl is currently based out of Invincible Alliance headquarters. Being a superheroine is now her full-time job, though she still takes freelance writing gigs. She seems oblivious to the crush teammate Blue Behemoth harbors for her. Will the blue-furred beast with the mind (and heart) of a man be able to confess his true feelings to her someday?

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Drone Man

Drone Man

Everyone at MTI knew Danny Graham was a technical whiz. They also knew he was a total flake. Despite being a certified genius, the only one of his grad student colleagues who even deigned to associate with him was Mortimer Kane. And Morty was just as lacking in social skills as Danny.

Things started getting interesting for Danny when his friend Morty was transformed into the creature who became known as the Blue Behemoth. Kane's attitude changed along with his appearance, and Graham grew worried that his formerly mild-mannered friend was taking too many crazy chances. Danny designated himself the Behemoth's watchdog, but keeping up with the big lug proved to be no easy task. Danny Graham decided the best way to handle his problem would be to create a super identity of his own, based on his affinity for gadgets and gizmos. And bees.

So was born Drone Man! OK, not the most awe-inspiring superhero name. It points up the fact that, while Danny has a good heart and brains to spare, he falls a little short in the sense department sometimes. In fact, the only reason he even settled on “Drone Man” in the first place was because Blue Behemoth managed to talk him out of his first choice. The blue-furred man-beast didn't think “The Bumbler” would strike anyone as impressive.

Drone Man's uniform is equipped with, but not limited to, the following specs: body armor, insulated helmet, two-way radio antennas, multi-purpose compound lenses, anti-gravity boosters, navigation wing pack, and sting beam disc system. So you see? He has the skills to create a dynamic and powerful set of gimmicks; he just can't come up with a catchy name for himself. That's the way it goes sometimes.

Drone Man joined Blue Behemoth in his crimebusting, and the pair earned considerable praise for their good works. He also assisted BB in creating a superheroine alter ego for Roxanne Prize. This association laid the foundation for the Invincible Alliance, and Drone Man is one of the group's charter members.

When not out doing the hero bit, Danny makes his home at Invincible Alliance HQ. There are several practical advantages to this choice: quicker response in case of emergency, easy access to state-of-the-art scientific facilities, and the ability to better keep Blue Behemoth out of trouble. The latter might be most important, and is certainly no picnic even today.

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Blue Behemoth

Blue Behemoth

Mortimer Kane was the very definition of the word “milquetoast.” It didn't matter that he was one of the most brilliant graduate students at Major Technological Institute (MTI); he was so unassuming and timid that he was largely ignored by most of the campus population. In fact, the only person he could truly call a friend was his colleague Danny Graham. That wasn't really bad, except Danny was just as socially inept as he was.

Morty Kane's life took an unexpected turn the day he got caught in his experimental Molecular Modifier. It affected an irreversible change on Kane, mutating him into a large, blue-furred anthropoid. His intelligence was left intact, but there was a noticeable difference in attitude. He became more boisterous, opinionated, and outgoing.

Ostracized even further due to his condition, Morty created the Blue Behemoth identity to fight injustice and...well, for something to do. Soon joined by his buddy Danny under the name Drone Man in the crimefighting business, the duo forged a solid reputation at the college and in the surrounding area for their tireless efforts to keep the peace. By becoming even weirder, two losers had made themselves Big Men on Campus.

Blue Behemoth (now his legal name) possesses tremendous strength, fantastic stamina, and astonishing agility. However, his condition does have its disadvantages, too (besides that pesky "no longer human" thing). For example, contrary to popular belief, BB's mask is not a quaint affectation. A side effect of his transformation is color blindness, and the mask contains corrective lenses designed by Drone Man to maintain proper vision.

Unsurprisingly, Blue Behemoth has developed a number of idiosyncrasies since his change to ape man. Though a proponent of clean living as a human being, he has become fond of fine cigars, stag magazines, and all manner of alcoholic beverages since his transformation. Most people know better than to try to argue with him about such matters at this point.

Blue Behemoth and Drone Man were instrumental in assisting Roxanne Prize in creating her own secret identity as Firegirl. BB harbors a crush on Prize, but so far has been unable to admit it to anyone. It remains to be seen if this uncharacteristic throwback to his old personality traits will persist.

Blue Behemoth was there when the Invincible Alliance was founded, and remains one of the core members of the group. Though he is loathe to admit it, the IA gives him a sense of belonging and purpose that had been previously lacking in his life. He can frequently be found loafing around its headquarters when not on a mission.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Lucha Yourself: Diablo Dinamita

A pair of wrestling masks emulating "Diablo Dinamita" aka the luchador alter ego of Devil Dynamite. Created in January 2016 via the Lucha Yourself generator (apparently now defunct) promoting Lucha Underground. Neither look 100% like Devil Dynamite's mask, but oh well. It was still fun.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

History of Captain Satellite - Part 1

History of Captain Satellite - Part 1

In the beginning, there was Ferro Man.

(2007 artwork of Ferro Man)

Ferro Man was pretty blatantly inspired by/ripped off from the character of "Ferro Lad" in the DC Comics series Legion of Super-Heroes. Available evidence suggests I created Ferro Man in 1980. It may have been as early as February, though it was probably March. It could have been as late as April or May, but I vividly recall drawing him in my 2nd grade classroom.

Ferro Man was not my first original character, though "original" is definitely debatable in his case. I can't even trace a direct line from him to Captain Satellite. I just choose to start with him because he was the centerpiece of the longest-running fictional world of my childhood, and he filled the same basic role that Cap does now. Ferro Man was essentially a synthesis of Iron Man and Batman, with a dash of the authentic Ferro Lad thrown into the mix. He was the top hero in the imagination of Christopher Elam well into the 5th grade.

It was during my 6th grade years (1983-1984) that I rather inauspiciously conceived a character during recess who would turn out to be very important indeed. It was so unexpected that I genuinely have no recollection as to when this art actually happened. I say it was 1984, but that's really just a guess. Could be 1983; could be 1985.

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Basil Whittaker

Basil Whittaker

Basil Whittaker is the charismatic British billionaire and daredevil adventurer who entered the public consciousness due to his heavy investment in the Magnetic Records music label (famous as the home of the band the Scarys). He didn't seek out the spotlight at first, but when it focused on him, he found it irresistible. His knack for publicity stunts has ensured that it never leaves him for very long, especially when coupled with his overall eccentric demeanor.

Basil Whittaker originally financed Paul Mann's start-up company Mann Creations when Mann mysteriously appeared on the scene a number of years ago. Somewhat uncharacteristically, Basil did this with no fanfare, and later sold his interest in the company back to Mann himself. Mann considers Basil his mentor, and the two have a surrogate father/son relationship that is perhaps so obvious that it led to the non-revelation that ended Paul Mann and Roxanne Prize's relationship.

When not tending to his myriad business interests or off on some boondoggle like circling the Earth in a hot air balloon, Basil is one of the foremost art collectors in the world. He specializes in pieces that are considered “grotesque” by the population-at-large. This hobby is the source of some consternation among his friends and associates since no one is sure whether he is pursuing it ironically or because he genuinely likes the works he buys. Basil isn't saying, and everyone is afraid to ask.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pat August

Pat August

Fresh out of Major City University with an MBA, Pat August was on the hunt for a job. Unfortunately, he wasn't getting a lot of interest - for whatever reason. On a whim, he answered an ad from an unknown and unproven start-up company just to be able to say he got an interview. He had no way of knowing the decision to talk to Paul Mann that day would change his life.

Pat August is the president of Mann Creations, and the one who runs the day-to-day operations. Though Paul Mann founded the company, and is the principal owner and CEO, it is Pat who keeps it humming along. In fact, Pat has became such a valuable and integral part of Mann Creations that Mann felt it only right to bring him on as managing partner, too. As a result, Pat August has became a very wealthy man in his own right - something he is still trying to reconcile to himself.

Pat August is very loyal to Paul Mann as a result of the trust Mann has placed in him, and the two are close friends in spite of their differing personalities. Pat is much more reserved and grounded, and tends to get exasperated at Paul's penchant for gallivanting off on adventures. He supports the good works Paul does as Captain Satellite, but sometimes wishes his friend was a bit more focused on business.

In addition to his duties for Mann Creations, Pat has also become deeply involved in a number of worthy causes. He participates in community programs throughout Major City and the surrounding area, and serves as chairman for the Major City Council on African-American Affairs (MCCAA). In his own way, he is just as much a hero as his best friend - he just doesn't wear a fancy costume.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Devil Dynamite

Devil Dynamite

Harrison Otto (“H.O.”) Godfrey is a former Third World agent who decided to strike out on his own. Stealing a prototype copy of Captain Satellite’s powersuit from a Third World laboratory, he christened himself “Devil Dynamite” and launched a noted career of villainy. Due to his origin as Devil Dynamite, H.O. Godfrey holds the distinction of being a rival of both Captain Satellite and Third World.

Devil Dynamite styles himself as the Captain's “evil opposite.” His more outlandish claim is that he is actually Captain Satellite's counterpart from a parallel universe. This particular yarn is his attempt to conceal his true identity, and play mind games with the hero. It is effective enough that Cap has gone so far as to quiz Thunder Man (an actual native of a parallel Earth) as to whether Devil Dynamite hails from his world.

The one saving grace for everyone is that Devil Dynamite’s ambition outstrips his effectiveness. The prototype powersuit he wears is notoriously unreliable and prone to malfunction. This leaves him perpetually in danger of dropping like a stone in mid-flight, which would make a more prudent thinker reluctant to take to the sky.

Devil Dynamite has thus far been unsuccessful in his efforts to rally his own paramilitary force dubbed the “Anti-Satellite League” (ASL). His powersuit currently on the fritz, he has recently been reported as making his living in the wrestling rings of Mexico as the masked luchador Diablo Dinamita. He makes no bones about the fact that he is plotting an elaborate comeback scheme.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Phantom Rogue

The Phantom Rogue

The Phantom Rogue isn't in the super villain game for the power, and he isn't in it for the thrills. He's in it for the money. Cold, hard cash, please. True, he took control of a splinter faction of Third World once, but that was just the means to an end. He's after riches, pure and simple.

Despite what he leads people to believe, the Phantom Rogue has no special powers. His primary abilities are incredible greed, astonishing sneakiness, and an improbable ability to escape from danger at every turn. It's assumed that he adopted his ghost trappings to reflect his elusiveness. This theme even extends to his grab bag of gimmicks, such as the Spookmobile and the Spookcopter. However, his chief weapons are a pair of pistols he carries at all times.

The Phantom Rogue's best-known caper is probably the time he disrupted a perfectly good football game between the Major City Aces and the Middleburg Yellowjackets by stealing Miles Major Memorial Stadium using a dirigible. He is also well-remembered for holding the Mando Building hostage with his Stupendo Death Ray. The "Stupendo Death Ray" turned out to be a hoax, or it might rank higher on his list of criminal accomplishments.

The true identity of the Phantom Rogue is unknown. He has impersonated assorted people, such as smooth-talking ladies' man Broc Cubic, during his career. In fact, that career began prior to the advent of Captain Satellite and his fellow heroes. He has run afoul of those do-gooders on many occasions, but true to form, he has always managed to find some means to get away no matter how brazen his crime.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Urban Nightmare

Urban Nightmare

The story of Urban Nightmare truly begins many years ago, in the expansive Major City neighborhood referred to as "The Minors" by locals. It was on the streets of the Minors that 12 year old Jim Lawrence and his 10 year old brother Dennis were unwittingly caught in the crossfire of rival gangs. Dennis Lawrence was killed, and Jim's life was irrevocably changed. After that tragedy, Jim Lawrence dedicated himself to both academics and athletics as a means of escaping his dire circumstances.

Jim Lawrence graduated at the top of his class and chose to attend Major City University - but not as Jim Lawrence. He had become fascinated with African culture in high school, and decided his enrollment at MCU marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life. To signify this milestone, he applied to legally change his name on his 18th birthday. In short order, "Jim Lawrence" was a thing of the past, and he was known by the Zulu name Xolani Shabangu.

Xolani Shabangu took full advantage of the athletic scholarship his abilities on the football field had earned him. He was a regular on the Dean's List as well as the All-American List even while he led the Major City University Purples to four excellent seasons as their star running back. It was a foregone conclusion he would be drafted for professional football after he completed his studies in social work, and he was picked in the first round by the Alabama Vulcans. However, a knee injury derailed his playing career after only five years, and he hung up his cleats with no regrets. He had invested his money wisely, and he wanted to return to his old neighborhood to try to make a difference.

Not everyone in the Minors greeted the establishment of the Xolani Shabangu Foundation with open arms. One night after a community outreach meeting, drive-by shooters fired on innocent bystanders, killing four - including a 10 year old boy. The gunmen had intended to send Shabangu a message, but all they did was enrage him. On that night, Urban Nightmare was born.

Xolani Shabangu assumed the secret identity of Urban Nightmare to patrol the Minors and the rest of Major City. He was inspired by Captain Satellite's example, but chose to emphasize a smaller-scale and more personalized brand of justice. He has immense respect for what Cap does, but he has a completely different mission. Urban Nightmare is a superhero for the little guy, dedicated to keeping the streets safe.

Urban Nightmare has no super powers or fancy gimmicks, instead relying on his own physical and mental abilities. He has, however, been known to brandish what he refers to as his "Learning Stick" to even the odds in his favor. Urban Nightmare also has a reliable and trustworthy informant in "Handsome" Jack Barker, a flamboyant hustler based in the Minors who seems to know nearly everything that is going on at any given moment.

Urban Nightmare shuns publicity, and appears in the limelight with great reluctance. His most famous adventure was his part in combating the Macro Warrior invasion of Major City that resulted in the founding of the Invincible Alliance. He only operates with the Alliance when it suits him - in other words, rarely. He has never been an official member of the group, but he does have an IA signal device should he ever need to get in touch with them.

Urban Nightmare knows crime will never go away, but takes solace in the fact that now the criminals look over their shoulders, too. No one who has encountered him has ever forgotten meeting "A Nightmare Made Flesh." Urban Nightmare is respected and feared throughout Major City as an effective and enigmatic force of justice.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Off Topic: Space Dracula

“Space Dracula”

“Space Dracula” is from April 2010. It's one of my favorite non-Owariverse examples of my own art. I had used this technique for "space" once before, and I'm pleased with its abstract yet appealing way of conveying that setting. I believe this is also my earliest use of the Odaballoon font (featured heavily in my more recent art). And of course, the gag still makes me laugh.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Hugo Beaumont

Hugo Beaumont

The man we know as Hugo Beaumont was bored. Very, very bored. It was hard not to be, considering how he lusted for adventure in the safe and sterile world of the far future. He craved excitement, but that was the last thing his environment offered him. All he could do was throw himself into developing the technology that would allow him to break the shackles of his dull existence.

Finally, Hugo Beaumont (it is uncertain if this is his real name or a pseudonym he adopted) achieved his goal with the creation of the time travel device the Chronal Belt. Using the belt, he can travel through time and space to anywhere in the known universe and beyond. Now, a normal person would utilize such an invention for useful purposes. But Hugo Beaumont? He chose to make himself into a nefarious villain - for kicks.

Garbing himself in a peculiar form of anachronistic costuming, Beaumont traveled to the era of Captain Satellite to match wits with the hero. Why? Well, he won't say. He clearly enjoys the challenge, and considers Cap and his fellow heroes to be worthy adversaries. But is there a deeper purpose to his various and sundry crimes in our time period? Therein lies one of the many mysteries of Hugo Beaumont.

Besides the Chronal Belt, Hugo Beaumont has a number of fantastic weapons at his disposal. He designs his armament to match his antique guise, so it is commonplace for him to haul out such outlandish contrivances as the Bombastic Blunderbuss, the Strato Unicycle, or the Hyper Hypno Coin. Comedic at first glance, they are nevertheless efficient and potentially deadly.

Hugo Beaumont has occupied himself in our age with everything from petty theft to elaborate cosmic "experiences." But does he secretly know how the game will play out? Only time will tell!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Third World Leader

Third World Leader

If the rumors are true, the man who would become the first Third World Leader was a frail, low-level lackey in Germany's Third Reich. Seeing the handwriting on the wall earlier than most, he made himself "disappear" and quietly began building his own organization dedicated to world domination. He donned the iron mask that has come to symbolize Third World Leader to conceal his face from both his enemies and his confederates as he rose to power. The whole story has the ring of truth, except that it displays a foresight the latter-day incarnations of Third World have traditionally lacked.

Nobody has ever learned the real identity of the original Third World Leader. For all anyone knows, the current one might be the original rather than a successor. Stranger stuff has happened when it comes to such underground movements. There have been a host of confirmed imposters over the years, so there is no way to be certain who holds the “legitimate” claim to the title at any moment. The rank of leader in a subversive group is fluid and not exactly exclusive.

Whoever he is, Third World Leader is the guiding hand behind that nefarious network Third World. Nothing that comes from the main branch happens without his direct orders. As to the question of whether this is a good thing or not for Third World, well, that is a hotly-debated topic in some quarters. Let's just point out that they still haven't established that dictatorship yet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Third World

Third World

The origins of the organization dubbed “Third World” are shrouded in mystery to this day. What is definitely known is that they arose during the years after World War II. Whispers say that among its founders were former Nazis, and the trappings of the group would seem to bear this out. But Third World has followed its own peculiar agenda, far separate from that of Hitler and his ilk.

Third World's goal is complete and utter world domination. This has been complicated by the numerous splinter factions that have formed from it, to say nothing of the fact that none of them are particularly competent. No one is even sure if their nominal commander, Third World Leader, is the rightful claimant to that title. Still, they work tirelessly to achieve their rather lofty goal. What they plan to do after they take over the world is open to debate, since they don't appear to have a clear idea themselves.

Third World Agents are typically garbed in paramilitary gear evocative of the group's possible German inspiration. They are issued a veritable arsenal of weapons, and in theory all are highly-trained professional mercenaries. The "highly-trained" aspect can be hit-or-miss, much like their shooting accuracy. A Third World Agent is required to give the organization's three-fingered salute and shout "Three For Victory!" loudly and often. This is the one thing all of them seem to master.

Third World employs a number of super-science devices in their arsenal. At one time, they sought to kidnap Paul Mann to force him to create more such gadgetry for them. Failing that, they tried to assassinate him, with predictably less-than-successful results. These foiled plots led directly to the birth of Captain Satellite, who is now the biggest thorn in Third World's side. Not good thinking on their part, was it?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Shelly Ericson

Shelly Ericson

Can a small town girl from Boonland, Texas make it in the big city? That was the question paramount in Shelly Ericson's mind when she arrived in Major City. Freshly discharged from the Air Force, she was looking for some direction in her life. That direction would ultimately find her, but in a most unexpected way.

Shelly was a student at Major City University when she decided to attend a speaking engagement featuring Paul Mann. Also in attendance that day was an undercover agent of Third World looking to take advantage of what he perceived as a golden opportunity. The enemy operative fired his laser pistol as he announced his presence, narrowly missing Mann. Thinking quickly, Shelly cut the Third World agent off as he stormed the stage and disarmed him with her superior fighting technique.

After that incident, Paul Mann offered Shelly what seemed to be a too-good-to-be-true job. She was hired to be his “assistant” - in reality, his bodyguard. Along the way, she would give him pointers on developing skills to protect himself. So when Mann adopted the identity of Captain Satellite, there was no doubt that Shelly would be fighting right alongside him.

Shelly is brave, intelligent, and more than a little stubborn. Though their relationship was strictly business at first, feelings have developed between Captain Satellite and Shelly, and the two are now a romantic couple. Though they have very different personalities, no one questions their devotion to one another.

In her spare time, Shelly is a collector of both knives and Southwestern jewelry. She also has a keen interest in firearms, and will usually bring at least one into battle with her. Captain Satellite has repeatedly offered to create a powersuit for her as well, but she has declined every time. She prefers to handle situations in a more down-to-Earth fashion.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Captain Satellite

Captain Satellite

Who is Captain Satellite? Captain Satellite is Paul Mann - everyone knows that. The real question is: Who is Paul Mann?

Paul Mann showed up in Major City a dozen years ago, and quickly took it by storm. His shy, mild-mannered demeanor did little to hide the brilliance which caught everyone off-guard. Before he'd hit his 21st birthday, Mann's company Mann Creations had made him a multi-billionaire.

Except who is Paul Mann? His background details are virtually impossible to verify. Investigative reporter Roxanne Prize, his one-time girlfriend, took it upon herself to discover who he really was. She failed, and the resultant rift finished their relationship.

There are other, more sinister forces that want to know what makes Paul Mann tick. The subversive group Third World is one, and they have decided that they must either have his knowledge or have him dead. This led to a botched assassination attempt that was only foiled by the quick action of Shelly Ericson. That particular incident would change Paul Mann's direction in a way even his enemies could not have anticipated.

Inspired by the comic books and vintage sci-fi movies that he treasures so much, Paul Mann channeled his super-scientific knowledge into the creation of the Captain Satellite suit. This lightweight powersuit, activated by a wristband dubbed the Digital Changer, allows Paul Mann to fly, serves as an exo-skeleton, and is equipped with an array of functions activated by the press of a button. With this fantastic powersuit, Paul Mann launched his career as Captain Satellite! There's only one catch - he's not very good at it.

Widely hailed as the "The World's Greatest Hero," Captain Satellite is more than a little uncomfortable with the label. He is acutely aware of his inadequacies in that role, from a lack of fighting ability to being something of a poor shot. Fortunately, he has the able assistance of Shelly Ericson (now his bodyguard/girlfriend) to take up his slack. Shelly has charged herself with tutoring her partner in the necessary combat skills for adventuring, and she has made progress - though Cap still has a long way to go.

To supplement his quest for justice, Captain Satellite has a number of special gadgets at his disposal. Chief among these is the versatile Multi-Gun, which he holds in reserve within the Digital Changer until a situation demands its use. Cap also has his Rocket Racecar, an amazing vehicle loaded with special features. The most notable of these features is flight, a capability used to good advantage by Shelly. Cap is not quite as skilled a pilot, but he's learning.

Paul Mann/Captain Satellite is based out of the fabled March Mansion, located at 114 Alan Parrish Road in suburban Major City. He chose March Mansion to be his home because the building was already installed with a number of secret passageways and hidden rooms, perfect for his needs. He has made numerous improvements and modifications since setting up shop there. The most noticeable of these is a sprawling computer system nicknamed "Sparky" that maintains the entire estate in pristine condition and monitors for any irregularities.

Paul Mann has made no secret of the fact that he is Captain Satellite. Pretty much every facet of his life practically screams it to anyone paying attention. But who is Paul Mann? That question...has yet to be answered.

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Anything filed in the "apocrypha" category is related to Captain Satellite in some form, but has been declared non-canonical for whatever reason. This will primarily consist of characters which have been either discarded or substantially reworked. There is a slight chance it might include story material which has been abandoned, but no promises there.

Any guest art depicting apocryphal Captain Satellite characters will not be tagged under the "apocrypha" label. It will instead carry a notation indicating which character is now considered non-canonical. This is to avoid confusion since guest art may depict both canonical and non-canonical characters side by side.

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Off Topic

Off Topic

Entries filed in the "off topic" category are not directly related to Captain Satellite and the Owariverse. This will include:
  • Art from Christopher Elam (dat's me!) not connected to Cap and company.
  • Guest art covering a wide range of subjects.
  • Whatever else doesn't fit under the other labels.

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Wandering Kotka

Wandering Kotka

AKA: WanderingKotka, wandering-kotka, kabukikatze, Kabuki Katze, dallyingcat, and probably others

I am grateful to all the guest artists whose talents you will see here. Their work on commissions and/or gift art brings these characters to life in a way my crude sketches never could. Many of them are friends as well. But there is one whose presence looms larger in the Owariverse than anyone else except yours truly. That artist is Wandering Kotka.

I met Kotka online in 2004, and we were collaborating just a few months later. She first drew one of my original Captain Satellite characters in 2005, but it was 2010 when her contributions grew to the point where they directly influenced the world I was creating. No one has drawn more Captain Satellite-related content than Kotka besides the present author, and she has even been called on to design a number of characters that otherwise existed only inside my head and in words I had written. I cannot imagine what this project would look like without Kotka's art and her tireless support of my flights of fancy.

Now that I've told you about Kotka the artist, let me tell you a little about Kotka the person. Her generosity, good humor, and general thoughtfulness never fail to bring a smile to my face. I'm very thankful I chose to get in touch with her when I did. Though we have only met in real life once to date, I consider her one of my best friends. And to think, we owe it all to Blue Öyster Cult. No, really!

Kotka's whereabouts can fluctuate depending on her mood, but you can always find her at

Mascot image used with permission, © Wandering Kotka.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


"The City of Clocks" - Story
Cap and Shelly in the Unknown Zone! (illustrated)

"Ninja Chief" - Story
Ninjas, hopping vampires, and...a toy robot? (illustrated)

"Shelly's Story" - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
The "origin" of Shelly Ericson!

"The Stone Gods" - Story
The Invincible Alliance vs. rock giants! (illustrated)

"WrestleMayhem" - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Blue Behemoth wrestles for the heavyweight championship of the world!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019



  • Captain Satellite - (link)
  • Shelly Ericson - (link)


  • The Albino Ant - (link)
  • Amazing Girl - (link)
  • The Astro-Giants - (link)
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  • Karma Bando - (link)
  • "Handsome" Jack Barker - (link)
  • Hugo Beaumont - (link)
  • Black Widow - (link)
  • Blue Behemoth - (link)
  • The Burger-Meister - (link)

  • Cat-Man & Kitten - (link)
  • Kenta Chiba - (link)
  • C.H.I.E.F. & Rex Coronado - (link)
  • Clankotron - (link)
  • The Deacon & Mickey Matthews - (link)
  • Whitney DeKalb - (link)
  • Devil Dynamite - (link)
  • Disco Ball - (link)
  • Dr. Macabre - (link)
  • Doppelgirl - (link)
  • Drone Man - (link)

  • Elektroid - (link)
  • Enemy Alien - (link)
  • General Lee R. Falgout - (link)
  • Albert Fannick - (link)
  • Howard Fein - (link)
  • Firegirl - (lnk)
  • Gabrielle Fitzgerald - (link)

  • Gargantua Maximus - (link)
  • Girago - (link)
  • Hellbat - (link)
  • The Human Owl - (link)
  • Invincible Alliance - (link)
  • Junior Satellite Patrol (Ray Wood & Dara Green) - (link)
  • Killer Invisible - (link)
  • Lord Zaur - (link)

  • Macro Warriors - (link)
  • Dick Major - (link)
  • The Masked Menace - (link)
  • Mr. Metal - (link)
  • Muscle Woman - (link)
  • Muttnik the Satellite Dog & Boris Petrenko - (link)
  • The Mystery Spaceman - (link)

  • The Neptoids - (link)
  • The Phantom Rogue - (link)
  • Princess Nikatonia - (link)
  • Professor Craneo - (link)
  • The Psychedelic Man - (link)
  • Kimber Rachelle - (link)
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  • The Science Brigade (aka Kagaku Ryodan) - (link)
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  • Nicola Tanihara - (link)
  • Third World - (link)
  • Third World Boys Auxiliary - (link)
  • Third World Japan Branch (aka Dai San Sekai) - (link)
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  • Titan Khan - (link)
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  • Debbie Truman - (link)
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  • Ultimate American - (link)
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019



People never ask questions, but if they did, here's what I imagine they would ask.

Q: Who are you? What is OWARI?

A: I am Christopher Elam if you hadn't guessed from the name of this site. I am aka Chris Elam, C. Elam, and "celamowari" (a common username of mine). I have been writing for public consumption since 1994, and blogging in some fashion since 2003.

OWARI (Japanese for "The End") was founded as a fanzine in 1995. As times have changed, the 'zine has been phased out, but OWARI continues as a vehicle for my interests. This version began in January 2009, and debuted in its current form in January 2019.

Q: Who created your logo/avatar?

A: The OWARI logo was designed by Rob Perchaluk in 1996. My Captain Satellite avatar was created by Wandering Kotka in 2016.

Q: What is all this Captain Satellite business?

A: Captain Satellite is a project chronicling the characters and happenings of an original superhero world dubbed “the Owariverse.” The Owariverse is highly-fictionalized, and more than a little tongue-in-cheek. Though the majority of the tales of the Owariverse are set in the present-day, it is very much in the vein of a “retro future” worldview.

Q: Why is it called the Owariverse?

A: It needed a name, and “Owariverse” was coined by the readers of this very blog. I just ran with it.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: I’ve been creating original characters since I was 5 years old. The first incarnation of Captain Satellite was born in the 6th grade. I’ve been posting material about Cap online since 2004, but this particular iteration of the story began in 2019.

Q: What’s the deal with your art?

A: It’s lousy. I had almost no art instruction in school, and I don’t think I have much inherent ability, either. However, my art is sincere and from the heart, and I use it to express my own ideas as best I can. Some like it; some don’t. I thank my guest artists for helping me bring these characters to life in a way I’m not sure I could.

Q: You contradicted something you previously wrote!

A: Not a question, but I understand what you mean. Part of the impetus for relaunching this project (again!) was so I could have a clearly defined point where I blew up everything that had gone before. I’m in the process of putting the pieces back together in a new and hopefully exciting way. Much of it will be the same, but there will be differences and contradictions from previous versions. Sorry ‘bout that.

Q: What happened to all the old stuff?

A: If you're speaking about blog posts prior to the January 2019 revamp, they are still here. They can be accessed via the blog archives just like in the past. Though all pre-2019 labels have been hidden, they are still active. No entries have been removed from Christopher Elam's OWARI. In fact, many have been reformatted to match the new layout (you're welcome).

Now, if you mean content from the Captain Satellite Tumblr, that's a slightly different story. For one thing, it is being gradually added to OWARI and that will necessarily take time. However, since I am essentially starting over, some things will be relegated to the apocrypha and may not make the cut. If you desperately miss something I've chosen to excise from my mythos, let me know and I'll try to hook you up

Q: Why did you leave Tumblr?

A: I have had a love/hate relationship with Tumblr for a long time. I decided I no longer wanted to be an active participant on the site due to changes enacted there. And in all honesty, the Captain Satellite Tumblr had grown stagnant. It was time to do something new anyway.

Q: What is Satellite Blue?

A: Satellite Blue is a companion blog to Christopher Elam's OWARI. It serves as a showcase for material which is a bit too spicy for an all-ages blog. Updates will be sporadic and announced on the main blog when they happen. Or you can just bookmark or follow Satellite Blue to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Q: Is there a book?/Will there be a book?

A: I self-published Captain Satellite Number Zero in 2011. It was meant to be a definitive guide to the Owariverse, but really, it’s anything but definitive. I won’t discourage you from buying it, as it is very cool to have despite its flaws. However, it should be viewed as an artifact of its time, and not as the last word on the subject.

There are no plans at the moment for additional Captain Satellite books, but anything’s possible - especially if there is a demand.

Q: May I do fan art of your characters?

A: Yes, absolutely! Please make sure to let me know if you do! Thank you if you choose to draw my characters!

Q: Isn't there another Captain Satellite?

A: Yes. Bob March portrayed "Captain Satellite" on a kid's TV show that aired on Oakland, California's KTVU Channel 2 during the 1950s & 1960s (and possibly into the early 1970s). Not being from the Bay Area, I had no idea about this until relatively recently.

I think two Captain Satellites can happily coexist in the world, especially since mine isn't going to make me a bunch of money. I've chosen to recognize Bob March by naming my Captain's home base "March Mansion." There will be an in-story explanation, but the real reason is because my Captain is following in Bob March's footsteps.

Q: You didn't answer my question. What do I do?

A: You could always leave a comment here and I'll try my best.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Introduction: Captain Satellite

Imagine a world where a skinny nerd is the world's greatest hero (sorta) and his girlfriend is his bodyguard (seriously). Imagine a world filled with giant monsters, alien invaders, rampaging robots, and dastardly villains of every stripe. With us so far?

Captain Satellite by Christopher Elam is your guide to just such a world and the colorful characters that inhabit it. So grab your ticket and fasten your seatbelt! It's time to take a trip to the Owariverse!


(Image originally posted October 6, 2014)