Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Drone Man

Drone Man

Everyone at MTI knew Danny Graham was a technical whiz. They also knew he was a total flake. Despite being a certified genius, the only one of his grad student colleagues who even deigned to associate with him was Mortimer Kane. And Morty was just as lacking in social skills as Danny.

Things started getting interesting for Danny when his friend Morty was transformed into the creature who became known as the Blue Behemoth. Kane's attitude changed along with his appearance, and Graham grew worried that his formerly mild-mannered friend was taking too many crazy chances. Danny designated himself the Behemoth's watchdog, but keeping up with the big lug proved to be no easy task. Danny Graham decided the best way to handle his problem would be to create a super identity of his own, based on his affinity for gadgets and gizmos. And bees.

So was born Drone Man! OK, not the most awe-inspiring superhero name. It points up the fact that, while Danny has a good heart and brains to spare, he falls a little short in the sense department sometimes. In fact, the only reason he even settled on “Drone Man” in the first place was because Blue Behemoth managed to talk him out of his first choice. The blue-furred man-beast didn't think “The Bumbler” would strike anyone as impressive.

Drone Man's uniform is equipped with, but not limited to, the following specs: body armor, insulated helmet, two-way radio antennas, multi-purpose compound lenses, anti-gravity boosters, navigation wing pack, and sting beam disc system. So you see? He has the skills to create a dynamic and powerful set of gimmicks; he just can't come up with a catchy name for himself. That's the way it goes sometimes.

Drone Man joined Blue Behemoth in his crimebusting, and the pair earned considerable praise for their good works. He also assisted BB in creating a superheroine alter ego for Roxanne Prize. This association laid the foundation for the Invincible Alliance, and Drone Man is one of the group's charter members.

When not out doing the hero bit, Danny makes his home at Invincible Alliance HQ. There are several practical advantages to this choice: quicker response in case of emergency, easy access to state-of-the-art scientific facilities, and the ability to better keep Blue Behemoth out of trouble. The latter might be most important, and is certainly no picnic even today.

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