Monday, December 17, 2018

Reinventing Your Self

I had no intention of ever returning to this blog.

I am proud of what I did on this blog over the years, but I had moved on from what it was. There was no reason to continue. When I signed off, it really was meant to be for good.

That was before Tumblr decided to change their policies and did so in the most ham-fisted way possible. I no longer have any confidence in Tumblr's long-term survival. I don't want to be an active part of their platform regardless.

So, I am back.

This isn't going to be a return to the old style of blogging. Mostly, this is to find a home for my content that will hopefully not be disrupted by capricious changes or incompetent management. Maybe that will inspire me in ways I cannot imagine at present.

The look of this blog will probably be revamped in the coming weeks. I plan to deprecate the old content, but none of it will be removed. This is about a new beginning, not erasing the past.

2019 will be the 10th anniversary of this particular blog. It was originally created as a back-up for my LiveJournal. Now, I am returning to it after a long detour onto Tumblr.

Funny how that worked out.