Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Burning! ROJ Update Appears

Well, this took a little longer than I'd hoped, but some new material has been posted today on www.returnofjetman.com. For this update, I've finally uploaded the Production Notes for New Return of Jetman Episode 6. These notes (and the episode) can be accessed from Episode Guide Page 2. If you prefer the direct approach, you can also get to the notes via this link.

That's all this time, but still in the pipeline for the future :

- completion of Notes for ROJ Episodes 12, 13, and 14

- completion of New Return of Jetman series with Episode 7 (and its accompanying notes)

- secret stuff I can't tell you about yet

- those mysterious things that even I don't know about until they come to pass

Shockingly, this summer will mark the 14th big year since ROJ was founded by Lewis Smith. It has been my privilege to carry the banner since 2002, and hopefully, there will be still more fun in the future!


  1. Awesome stuff! They were worth the wait. Hopefully soon, people will know what you're talking about with all that Sigma business.

    You also have the distinction of being the first person ever (beating even me) to invoke Setsuko's name online!

  2. Ho ho ho! As long as they are, I tried to be as succicent as possible with everything.

    I'm glad you liked them!