Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pretzel Logic

You know, I don't care what your feelings are about SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST, I still say this is one of the funniest panels I have ever seen in a comic book.

Trust me, context would not help

From : Cartoon Network Presents #2 (DC Comics; Sep. 1997). Script : Matt Wayne. Pencils : Joe Brozowski. Inks : Bob Smith. Letters : Pat Brosseau. Colors : Trish Mulvihill. Editor : Bronwyn Taggart. © The Cartoon Network, Inc. and Hanna-Barbera.


  1. I liked SGC2C . . . though I try not to admit to it in public. ;)

  2. Ha! Stand tall, and be proud! It certainly had its moments! :)