Friday, August 28, 2009

Fowl Play

I got a big pile of old comics a week or so ago, and I've been enjoying them a lot. One of my special pleasures with these 1970s books is the wacky assortment of ads in them. I miss those days. But even I must confess to being startled by one of them.

So there I was, reading my copy of Marvel Triple Action #36 (July 1977) when I notice this ad. At first, I think my eyes must be deceiving me.

Chickens by mail

But no. They are selling chickens by mail. Through a comic book.

Ordinarily, I would fuzz out the address of an advertisement this old, since you can assume most businesses are either long gone or have changed addresses. However, one Google search later, I learned that not only is this business still active, but it still has the exact same P.O. Box!

So, uh. If you're in the market for chickens, I guess they have a lot of longevity. I don't think they advertise in Marvel comics anymore. But maybe they should.


  1. You know, if it weren't for the zoning laws in my town I'd totally mail-order a box of chickens. (If only because I'm oddly fascinated by the boxes that they come in.)

  2. It calls to mind the ads for the mail-order monkeys from an earlier time. Not sure how that was supposed to work, either.