Saturday, September 12, 2009


When I decided to apply myself to this little enterprise in January, I thought, "If I get 100 entries up this year, that will be good." Well, here we are in September, and despite a few setbacks along the way, I've already made it to that magical number of 100. Not bad.

My most recent setback was that my computer contracted a rather nasty virus, and I had to have the hard drive replaced. That meant starting essentially from scratch, and the process is still an ongoing one. I've chosen to look at this more as an opportunity than an inconvenience. I didn't lose any of my vital work, which was the most important thing. Some programs might not be replaceable for the moment, but that's a small sacrifice. I needed a sense of renewal, and a chance to either leave behind or discard some stuff that was no longer working for me. Maybe this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

There may be some adjustments to this blog's contents in the coming weeks. My growing dissatisfaction with LiveJournal is causing me to rethink my approach to my writing. The old ways were fine, but I am feeling it might be time for a shake-up. There may be more personal, real life content included here, as I ease away from the daily posting ritual I practiced on the journal for years. I'm not sure just yet how I'll handle that. Time will tell, I guess.

For me, the most exciting part of this blog reaching 100 entries is the volume of stuff that I want to discuss that I haven't yet. I don't think I've even mentioned Hiroshi Miyauchi until just now. I haven't gushed over my favorite Batman story of all time. There's been no dialogue about how I can like musical acts as diverse as Blue Oyster Cult, Devo, and Waylon Jennings. There's so much in my big ol' wonderful world that I suspect I will not be lacking in craziness to share for a long, long time.

I hope you'll continue to follow along on my mad journey, wherever it leads.

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