Friday, July 30, 2010

Anime Fanfiction & Superhero Sausages

I check the referral links for this blog from time to time. Usually, I don't see anything worth noting. Hey, I'm still pretty obscure, so that's no surprise. But every once in awhile, I come across something fascinating.

Perhaps my MOST fascinating discovery was when I stumbled across this post on an anime message board. Press the "Show" button in that message and you will see a piece of fanfiction that uses this entry of mine as a springboard. And it's actually pretty interesting, though I have no knowledge of the series in question.

I spoke to the author briefly in IM the night I found this story to compliment his work and tell him that I planned on linking to it here. I do get the idea he might have been less familiar with the Ultra genre, as the references geared to that type of series seem to be the most puzzling to his characters. Except for the bit about sausages, which leaves them dumbfounded.

I suppose I should explain that one. The sausage thing dates back to when I was watching a lot of Toei series on VHS tapes that were recorded from TV airings with the commercials still intact. Among the outrageous ads I saw were commercials for superhero sausages like this one included in a set of METALDER commercials. It was the sort of thing that screamed to be parodied.

Amazingly, Marudai is still marketing superhero sausages, as you'll learn if you watch this video. Now, I don't know about you, but at about the four minute mark of that video, I was chanting "EAT THE SAUSAGE, EAT THE SAUSAGE!"

I am sure this is an entry filled with knowledge that none of you needed. You are welcome. And don't forget to read the story!

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