Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Owariverse Encyclopedia: Section III - Civilians (Update 1)

Jeff Allie: Jeff Allie is the fast food mogul behind the Burger Jeff franchise of restaurants. Starting small with just a single location, he has built his business into one of the most successful in the world. It has been rumored for years that he also harbors political aspirations, which might even include a run for the Presidency. So far, nothing has come of such talk.

Russell Brown: Russell Brown is the lead anchorman for Major City Supernews on WMC-TV Channel 5 (Major City’s DeKalb Network station). In fact, he had held that position for so long that he's become something of an institution in the town. It's been said that he's the most famous and trusted person in all of Major City, which is an achievement no matter how you slice it.

Lee R. Falgout: General Lee R. Falgout is a highly-decorated war veteran, and is considered one of the finest military minds in the world. He currently serves as Secretary of Defense in President Howard Fein's cabinet. Though he has been off the frontlines for a number of years, the general is still capable of charging into battle on a moment's notice - and is just crazy enough to do it.

Lauren Gregory: Lauren Gregory is a political activist and self-described "hippie." She can often be found in downtown Major City with a protest sign denouncing the state of world affairs. When not editing her underground newspaper, she moonlights as a waitress at the Chez Café.

Alan Norby: Best known to audiences worldwide for the role of "Dr. Macabre" in the Cat-Man TV series, Alan Norby has always been a bit eccentric even by actor standards. He practices a very unusual form of method acting that causes him to sometimes get too caught up in the parts that he plays. Being the bad guy on-screen can make him quite unmanageable in real life.

Abbie Norman: A raconteur and political gadfly, Abbie Norman was perhaps a surprising choice of running mate for Howard Fein's presidential campaign. Prevailing wisdom is that Fein picked Norman as his Vice-President to keep him in check. That hasn't exactly worked out, and Abbie Norman refers to himself as the Fein Administration's "resident gonzo."

Althea Quinby: Althea Quinby is Secretary of State in President Howard Fein's administration. She has a keen analytical mind and is perhaps the most politically savvy member of Fein's cabinet. It is a constant struggle for her to be taken seriously in the political arena as an African-American woman, but it's also a challenge she has gladly accepted.

Benson Wong: Dr. Benson Wong is a noted medical professional currently practicing in Major City. He serves as Paul Mann’s physician, much to their mutual consternation. It's not that the two dislike one another - it's just that Mann isn't always the sort of patient who listens to his doctor.

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