Monday, February 3, 2014

ListenLikeURBlind: Epilogue(?)

Perhaps you remember the odyssey with ListenLikeURBlind as chronicled here and here in exhausting detail. You might even notice the comments from November from a concerned anon who had the same thing happen to him/her. The last time I bothered checking on any of this business was December 9th, when I added the last screenshot to this collection. That is, until tonight.

Folks, if you try to click the link for the mysteriously "popular" Facebook page, it's gone. If you try to visit the blog, it is now invitation only. And their Twitter? It's been almost a month since there was a tweet there.

I don't know when all this happened (January, if I had to guess). I don't know why it happened. But ListenLikeURBlind on Facebook appears to be history. So sad.

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