Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wringing Out Writing

It's not exactly news that my work has been suffering. I'm not going to go into what I perceive as the reasons why; I only want to talk about the work unfinished, and my thoughts on that. Forgive me if I'm forgetting something. I'm prone to do these things.

There was supposed to be a novella called CAPTAIN SATELLITE: LIFE & TIMES in 2012. Well, I think I've discussed the fact that I put that project on the shelf due to some flaws in my outline. Unfortunately, though I still would very much like to complete this story, it just hasn't happened. Part of that is due to the fact that CAPTAIN SATELLITE: NUMBER ZERO didn't even live up to my modest hopes for it, but really, it's just that I have not given the task of fixing the story's problems the attention it deserves.

Interestingly, I have considered extracting the first chapter of the novella (which IS finished) and publishing it on the blog. It can more or less function as a standalone piece, so this isn't as outrageous as it sounds. It would at least be something, and maybe it would drive me to finish the story. That would be nice.

There is/was another Owariverse tale that was promised - gosh, I am not even sure when now. It is an Ultimate American story, and I literally just found the file for it. I last modified it in March. Gads. Finding where that was going again may take some work. It's a clever idea, with some fun bad accent work, so I'd like to add it to the mythos.

Finally, we come to the untitled story that appeared here for two consecutive days back in April. It was a more down-to-Earth thing, and it felt like it had some immediacy. That reaaaaally ground to a halt, as an incomplete draft for "Chapter 3" has been sitting in my queue for months. Given the apparent lack of interest in this story continuing, maybe it will stay there. I don't regret trying to do a change-of-pace, but there is the question as to whether it succeeded or failed.

At some point, things are bound to get better. But I have to recapture the magic, and it's not as easy as just saying it's going to happen.

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