Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Comings and Goings

I should probably update this silly blog. Sometimes, it seems it only gets love when I have something else to report. Considering how long these changes have been in effect, this probably says something about me.

First: "Pictures of Naomi Morinaga" is defunct (again), and I will not be bringing it back this time. It had stopped posting in March 2014 and there seemed little point in continuing to monitor it. This may open the door for one of you enterprising Naomi fans who visit every day to open your OWN fansite. I'll be looking for it!

Second: "Continued Next Week!" is on hiatus, and may be finished. I don't know for certain on this one, so I'll be taking a wait and see approach. However, it will remain up for the foreseeable future.

Third: I'm probably going to be participating less on DeviantArt, for various reasons. It's been awhile since I actually accomplished any art worth posting anyway. I'll have to figure out my course of action when the art resumes.

But zounds! It's not all endings! Please welcome the new Captain Satellite Facebook Page! It will be working in tandem with the Captain Satellite Tumblr (which hasn't update in like a month, oops)t deliver the Owariverse content that maybe somebody out there craves.

There's probably more, but that is all that occurs right now. I've been struggling with poor internet here at OWARI HQ for about a month, and that has tempered my enthusiasm for online mischief of late. Hopefully, that will be corrected soon. Meanwhile, if I don't post again in this space until afterward, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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