Sunday, March 17, 2019

Off Topic: Black Condor vs. Black Condor

“Black Condor vs. Black Condor” or "Double Condor"

Originally a commission for Return of Jetman, even though nothing like it ever occurs in an actual story. It depicts the Japanese Black Condor (Gai Yuki) of Toei’s super sentai Chōjin Sentai Jetman (鳥人戦隊ジェットマン) meeting the American Black Condor (Richard Grey Jr./Thomas Wright) from Quality Comics (Crack Comics) and later DC Comics (notably Freedom Fighters).

Layouts & Pencils by Larry Guidry (August? 2005).

Inks & Finishes by Sara Denny (June 2010).

"Jetman/Gai Yuki" Black Condor © TV Asahi/Toei Advertising, Ltd./Toei Company, Ltd.
"Richard Grey Jr./Thomas Wright" Black Condor © DC Entertainment, Inc./DC Comics, Inc.

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