Friday, February 27, 2009

Dick Dillin Rediscovered

It took me awhile to figure it out, but Dick Dillin is my favorite comic book artist. I don't mind admitting that fact, either.

Dick Dillin was already a comics veteran when he drew the assignment of Justice League of America in 1968. Not only did Dillin take on the job, but he was the main artist on that title for 12 years, and handled impossible crowds of heroes, villains, and assorted others with an unusual aplomb. He thrilled my kiddie mind in that book, and others he pencilled like World's Finest Comics and DC Comics Presents. I had no idea who he was for the majority of those years, but his peculiar brand of staging made a deep impression on me. It's perhaps not always the best or most fluid presentation, and that never mattered. It was always gripping to me as a comic buying kid and compelled me to ask for the 25¢-50¢ for a new comic .

Dick Dillin passed away in 1980, just as it was starting to dawn on me who he was. As the years have slipped away, I find I miss his presence more and more, and I seek out any old comic or trade paperback I can find with Dillin artwork. DC's Showcase Presents series has made it possible for me to catch up on his work on books like Blackhawk and Hawkman from before my time. Plus, he drew the original JLA from #64 to #183. While I have read a lot of those stories, I'm still nowhere close to owning all of them.

Here's to you, Dick Dillin. I wish you could have gotten more recognition in your lifetime, but I'll do my part to see you aren't forgotten.

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