Monday, February 9, 2009


It has always puzzled me that OGON BATTO ("The Golden Bat") never merited even a token release in the United States. It's a fun sci-fi/superhero romp, and seems like a natural for American TV at the very least. I can only guess that it being in B&W in the year 1967 killed its chances for that avenue. Color was becoming more and more important by then, and perhaps the feeling was that a new film lacking it just wouldn't fly. Of course, that's pure speculation on my part.

OGON BATTO did get released theatrically in Italy, and if Toei practiced the standard procedure of the day, that means the Italian version was dubbed from an English language version. I don't think that dub has ever been available to the public, and it seems unlikely that it ever will be. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream.

And hey, check out "the incredible Sonny Chiba" back in the days before that was a big deal!

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