Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Imperius Redux!

I don't buy a lot of single comics these days, so it takes something pretty doggone special for me to elect to pick up a whole BUNCH of books. Marvel is currently doing something just that special with a series of one-shots celebrating the 70th anniversary of the comics side of their operation. These books have been revivals of old titles from the Golden Age of comics, and they are a rare treat. They combine brand-new stories of vintage Marvel characters with reprints from the glory days they are commemorating. It's an almost irresistible package for someone like me.

Currently available as of this writing are four titles :

Captain America Comics #1

Sub-Mariner Comics #1

Human Torch Comics #1

Marvel Mystery Comics #1

(Boy, I sure hope those Marvel site links stay valid...)

Each of these books has something interesting going for it. My favorite is Sub-Mariner Comics #1, which boasts a new Namor story penned by Roy Thomas. His tale is spot-on with both characterization and action. Plus, it has what is in my opinion the best art of the books so far. There's also a previously unpublished inventory story by Mark Schultz and Al Williamson in there that is awesome indeed.

There are more of these books yet to come. I have no idea if I'll be writing about them in the future, but here's the current list of upcoming releases (again, via the official Marvel site) :

Miss America Comics #1 (June 10)

Young Allies Comics #1 (June 17)

USA Comics #1 (July 1)

All Select Comics #1 (July 15)

All Winners Comics #1 (Aug. 5)

Mystic Comics #1 (Aug. 19)

Of these, I'm most anticipating All Winners Comics #1. I'm eager to see what kind of story Karl Kesel will cook up for it.

I don't have any word on further books in this series, but it seems likely there will be some. Daring Mystery Comics is the most familiar Timely title that hasn't been dragged out of mothballs for this event. I will confess that I'd be perversely intrigued to see what Marvel would do with a revival of Comedy Comics!

These books are by no means essential reading, but they are a decent way to pass the time. Worth picking up for a reasonably entertaining comic book experience.

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