Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Hiatus

When I decided to pursue this blog, I promised myself that I would always try to put forth at least a token effort in whatever I posted here. Too often in past blogs, it has been easy to just phone in an entry or two. I don't want to do that anymore.

As a consequence of this resolve, I am taking a break from posting to OWARI for a week or three. I don't feel like recent entries have been poor by any means, but it's been a chore at times getting them ready. Plus, there is a very important other project that keeps getting short shrift. I'd like to change that. There's also the pesky matter of "real life", and the demands it sometimes places on time. Who knew, right?

There are some things cooking though. Check it out :

* a look at a collection of DC Comics Presents

* the music of Andrea True

* my finally (?) finishing that piece on SUPER ROBOT RED BARON

* an Amazon screenshot that is intensely confusing

* some fun stuff from special guest stars!

OWARI will be coming back around before you know it. But for now, it rests.

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