Thursday, March 25, 2010

More, More, More

I love the song "More, More, More" by Andrea True Connection. Not familiar with it? It's this :

Get the cameras rollin', get the action goin'

Quite the video performance, no? It's even more amazing when you realize that True had been an adult film star for a few years by this point. I'd have thought she could have delivered a better "fake" performance from that practice, but guess not.

Actually, I'm not going to make fun of Andrea True. Not only do I like the corny, risque lyrics she's singing (alluding to her acting career, cough cough), but I really like her voice, too. In fact, I liked it so much that I dared to do something that few people would dare to do.

I bought an Andrea True CD.

Now, granted More, More, More - The Best Of The Andrea True Connection is less than ten bucks. But honestly? That's money most people would not spend. It's not really the same song ten times, but seriously, that's how most folks would perceive it. "More, More, More" is the only thing on the CD that the average person would know.

Well, I did a little research, and here's what I learned. Amazingly, Andrea True was responsible for three albums. The compilation gathers most of the songs from the first two, albeit in their single edits where available. Alas, Andrea's foray into a more punk rock sound (really) appears lost in the vinyl wilderness. One supposes that project is well beyond whatever commercial appeal True's music still possesses.

What about the nine other songs on the CD? Well, to my astonishment, I rather enjoyed them. I would not hold this up as something I'd recommend to people, but it was fun. Besides the familiar song, a #4 Pop hit, two others charted in Top 40s : "NY, You Got Me Dancing" (#27 on the U.S. chart) and "What's Your Name, What's Your Number" (#34 on the U.K. chart). The former is very similar to "More, More, More", but with an intriguing arrangement, while the latter is infectiously silly. It is one of the tunes where I detected the Tennessee-born True slipping into her natural Southern accent.

There are other surprises to be had, too. For example, it seems that "Sally Can't Dance" was penned by Lou Reed(!), which is one of the last names I'd expected to see associated with this. But most shocking of all was the revelation that even only covering two albums, not all of the tunes were disco. This is compounded by the majesty that is "White Witch".

"White Witch", I should point out, is also the title of True's second album. And yet? Nobody warned me that this song would be a reggae number that True performs with a fake Jamaican accent. Truly, a thing of beauty.

I doubt very strongly Andrea True commands the kind of fandom that some musicians garner, but I had a lot of fun with this CD. Granted, I listened to it late at night, and was quite possibly delirious at the time, but it didn't bore me to sleep. That's saying something.

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