Monday, April 26, 2010

Firegirl vs. the Tantalizing Tentacles of Terror!

Remember the faux comic book cover of Captain Satellite & Shelly Ericson my friend Kabuki Katze did last month? Well, I commissioned her to do a second piece shortly afterward, and it has just been posted on her dA page.

Firegirl vs. the Tantalizing Tentacles of Terror!

(If you click-a the pic, you go-a to her full-size version on dA!)

Yes, that is Firegirl at the "mercy" of Hugo Beaumont and the Phantom Rogue. Only, it isn't quite going the way Hugo and the Rogue planned.

Here, let me, myself, as it turns out, from Kabuki's description :

"Firegirl [is] . . . tied up dangling over a pit (alligators or squidgy tentacles optional.)

The thing about this is, though, that she would be smiling and really pleased with herself. Part of that would be because you could see at least one of her hands and a bit of fire is on her fingertips, indicating she will be freeing herself soon. The other, well, maybe she likes being tied up more than she lets on. :)

The villains who have perpetrated this dastardly deed and are lurking in the background are Hugo Beaumont and the Phantom Rogue, neither of whom are probably realizing Firegirl is just as much a pain in the ass as Captain Satellite."

I am so thrilled by this picture that you don't even know. I was sure Kabuki could do a good Firegirl, so I was interested in seeing what she did with the baddies. I think the results are amazing!

Kabuki is leaving tomorrow to begin a long trek overseas, as she has been chronicling in her adventure blog Wandering Kotka. I hope you all will join me in wishing her a safe trip, and a wonderful journey for this latest and greatest of her adventures.

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